Jamie Platt on The Morning Swim Show – Video


PHOENIX – Jamie Platt Chairman of the Middle Atlantic Swimming Committee and Associate Head Coach of La Salle University joins today’s edition of The Morning Swim Show to discuss USA Swimming’s Club Excellence Program and La Salle’s Season so far.

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Coach Platt discusses the 9 teams form the Middle Atlantic LSC that made USA Swimming’s Excellence list, the logistics of finding space for 11,000 athletes and the diversity program implemented by the LSC.

Coach Platt also takes some time to discuss La Salle’s season and the outlook for the rest of 2015.

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  1. Swimming World

    Always love great coaches on the show!

    • Brent Rutemiller


  2. Steve West

    Looks like they have a good thing going on in the LSC

  3. Swimming World

    This was a great series. Thanks Jeff!

  4. Lauren Williams

    It’s always cool to see teams traveling off the mainland for their training trips.

  5. Seren Jones

    Great interview, and I miss Puerto Rico!

  6. Kelsey Lynch

    This is really great. Teams helping teams=positive atmosphere

  7. Kelley Baylis

    My sister swam for La Salle University! What a great interview!

  8. Brent Rutemiller

    Who is next, Jeff?

  9. Wilson Josephson

    never knew about Morning Swim Sow – what a great way to stay up-to-date!

  10. Andy Ross

    Love the Spider Man reference Jeff!

  11. Jeff Commings

    Jamie Platt was great to talk to on this episode of “The Morning Swim Show.” I learned a lot about Middle Atlantic Swimming!