Israeli Swim-Tech Company Aims To Make a Data Revolution


A new swim-tech company applies AI and computer vision to enable coaches and swimmers to measure all important metrics. SenSwim’s new solution requires no wearable devices to provide live feedback to every swimmer in a group using commercial cameras above the water line.

The Israeli national team will be the first in the world to use an innovative technology in their daily workouts. Following a live demonstration of the new SenSwim system, Israel’s national coaching staff, led by Luka Gabrilo, requested to purchase and be the first adopters of a groundbreaking technology.

SenSwim is a unique system that analyzes multiple swimmer’s performance in real time during workouts and competitions. It is the only system that offers a ‘video-only’ approach that requires no wearable devices on the swimmers. The cameras can be permanently installed on the ceiling or on a side wall, no underwater cameras needed.

It measures time, strokes, underwater dive and more, displays results to the swimmers on a screen and to the coach on his/her phone or tablet. It also manages the workout by starting (sending off) the swimmers by rows using countdown and sound. No need for a stopwatch or whistle anymore.

You can watch an informational video for coaches here.

SenSwim was founded about a year ago by 3-time Olympian and All American swimmers, Gal Nevo (Georgia Tech) and Avinaom Barak, highly experienced hi-tech manager and a parent of two competitive swimmers. Living in the same town in Rishon Le Zion, Israel, they found they had a shared frustration of having no real recorded data in swimming.

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“When we founded SenSwim, we had 3 main goals in mind,” says co-founder and CEO, Gal Nevo. “First, was to bring the data analysis revolution, that took place in many other sports, to the sport we love.

“Second, as a competitive swimmer for more than 20 years, I knew that any solution, as useful as it will be, cannot require swimmers to change their daily routine, so a solution based on wearable devices was off the table pretty fast.”

“Third and most importantly, we wanted it to be affordable to every swimmer in the world, not just for elite Olympic level swimmers. We aim to revolutionize the experience of every young, ambitious swimmer out there, who swims dozens of miles every week without having nothing to show for. No recorded data, nothing to analyze, and no way to show off a good workout to his friends. We’ve put in a lot of effort to make this system easy to install to bring the pricing down to be available to any club out there.”


Israeli Olympian, SenSwim Co-Founder, Gal Nevo; Photo Courtesy: Sen Swim

SenSwim is an end-to-end solution for coaches, it allows them to plan workouts, either their own or download a shared workout from the cloud. It allows coaches to focus on the swimmer’s technique rather on the stopwatch. The system launches the swimmers for each set and repetition according to the interval set in the workout definitions.

In the future it will allow coaches to manage workouts remotely by watching a live video stream together with real time analysis of the workout.

“After hearing out our coaching staff, I’ve realized we are dealing with a unique and highly valuable system,” says Israel’s Swimming Association CEO Amir Tito, who was the decision maker in purchasing the system. “We see a cardinal importance in implementing new technologies as a part of a constant search of a relative edge over our global competitors.”

One future feature of the system will be post workout debriefing. It will allow swimmers and coaches not only to gain valuable insights, but also to be able to watch a video clip of a specific event rather than a whole practice. For example, if a coach wants to show a swimmer all his open turns in a workout, SenSwim will immediately create a short clip, only with this swimmer’s turns.

Swimmers will have their own user profile where they can share and compare results with other swimmer around the globe. They’ll be able to show off their workout on social media, including videos, like athletes from other sports do on regular basis.

Swimmers that tried the SenSwim system claim it changes the dynamics of practice where every repetition turns in to a mini race because you can see results of all other swimmers that are displayed on the screen. Suddenly, every stroke counts, every push off the wall, every breath.


Swimmers gather to look at SenSwim analytics; Photo Courtesy: SenSwim

“What excites me most is the potential of the data collected,” says Nevo. “The data that will be gathered over time will help design optimal personal workout plans. Imagine a system that will tell you when is the best time to start your taper, or letting the coach know who should take it easy today and which swimmers he can push a little more. It will decrease the subjectivity in daily swimming workouts.”

The system is in its beta stage and is available to clubs around the world. If you would like to get a system for your team go to or contact SenSwim’s CEO at



SenSwim Live Video and Analytics; Photo Courtesy: SenSwim

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  1. avatar
    René Asmus

    Hi, that system sounds great, especially for teams with low numbers of coaches and not much space.
    However i would really like to know, how the system recognizes every different swimmer on camera. Seems to me like a little problem, especially in crowded lanes.
    thanks in advance

    • avatar
      Gal Nevo

      Hello Rene, as you said we also strongly believe that the system can provide great value where the coach-to-swimmer ratio is quite low.
      Regarding your inquiry- in our app the coach needs to enter the initial lane assignment of the swimmer (which swimmer in which lane and their order). It’s done with easy drag & drop dashboard or just use a pre-saved assignment.
      Once the system knows the initial order of the swimmers, our tracking algorithms detect any change of order.
      If you have more questions feel free to contact me at

  2. avatar
    Wendy Charnell

    WOW …… That looks amazing. WELL DONE! (and what a great photo of Gal too!).
    You should be a very proud mother and I suggest you send this to your father!!!

  3. avatar
    Wendy Charnell

    I’m trying to send this comment but it’s being rejected, saying it’s a duplicate. It’s not. I’ll keep trying.

    WOW …… That looks amazing. WELL DONE! (and what a great photo of Gal too!).
    You should be a very proud mother and I suggest you send this to your father!!!

  4. avatar
    Wendy Charnell

    I’m trying to send this comment but it’s being rejected, saying it’s a duplicate. It’s not. I’ll keep trying.

    You should be a very proud mother and I suggest you send this to your father!!!
    WOW …… That looks amazing. WELL DONE! (and what a great photo of Gal too!).

  5. avatar
    Wendy Charnell

    THREE TIMES AMAZING!!!! Sorry for repetition. Glitch on my computer.

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