ICARUS, Documentary on Russian Doping Scandal, Up for Academy Award


ICARUS, the documentary by Bryan Fogel that shed light on Russia’s institutionalized doping scandal, has been nominated for an Academy Award.

Out of 170 films submitted as possibilities for “Best Documentary,” ICARUS was one of 15 to advance in the voting process. The five final nominees for “Best Documentary” will be announced Jan. 23, and the Academy Awards, or the Oscars, will be presented Sunday, March 4, in Hollywood.

Fogel, in creating the film, interviewed Russian Dr. Grigory Rodchenkov, who admitted to being one of the primary architect’s of the countries doping program. Rodchenkov revealed in the documentary the scope of Russia’s doping violations, how he and his colleagues subverted anti-doping practices and why he fled Russia in fear for his life after revealing details of the scandal.

Swimming World reviewed ICARUS in 2017, and the film is available to view on Netflix. A trailer for the film is available below.

Read the full list of Oscar-nominated documentaries here.


  1. Hannah Whiting

    Jeff Whiting this is the documentary/film I was telling you about.

  2. Andy Colbourn

    A must see documentary, though it may spoil your perception of future great sporting achievements but it is time to open your eyes and stop believing that sport is an even playing field, or that governing bodies are helping to make it an even playing field! In most cases the gap is being widened between the top and the aspiring.

  3. Diane Runge

    Just watched Icarus and was nauseated, discouraged, angered, and energized to make sport fair for our clean athletes!

  4. Sandy Briggs

    In limited release ?? Theatres or online ??