Hungarian Invasion at Vienna International Long Course Championships

VIENNA, Austria, June 7. THE locals has some success throughout the Vienna International Long Course Championships, but a strong Hungarian contingent did some serious damage during the three-day meet.

Hungary’s Monika Olle cruised to victory in the women’s 200-meter backstroke finale with a 2:18.69, while the Horvath’s took second and third. Zsofia placed second in 2:22.60 with Dorottya posting a third-place time of 2:23.96. Hungary’s Oliver Gorcsa picked up the men’s 200-meter title in 2:05.42, while Stefan Wurzer set a junior record with a time of 2:08.22. Hungary’s Gergoe Zachar hit the wall third in 2:10.66.

Conni Rott raced her way to a 59.44 to win the women’s 100-meter free, leading a trio of 59s on the podium. Rikke Dehn touched second in 59.83, while Hovedstadens training partner Maria Grandt placed third in 59.89. Hungarians kept taking down titles in the Austrian event as Lajos Budai (51.80) and Vince Pulai (52.39) went 1-2 in the men’s 100-meter free. Dietmar Stockinger wound up third in 52.66.

Tereza Horkova crushed her competition in the women’s 400-meter IM with a time of 4:56.71. Hanna Schaberl placed second in 5:09.16 with Virag Gyurko taking third in 5:17.83. Irakli Bolkvadze followed with a 4:38.99 to claim the men’s 400-meter IM. Adam Kruzik (4:50.84) and Mohamed Elbahnasawy (4:58.13) took second and third.

Dorottya Kassai pocketed the women’s 1500-meter free title in 18:19.72, while Anna Purner finished second in 18:33.89. Martina Ganz checked in with a third-place time of 18:40.40. Hungarian swimmers went 1-2-3 in the men’s 1500-meter free. Daniel Dudas won in 15:50.54 with Adam Orosz (16:08.12) and Armin Remenyi (16:34.35) placing second and third.

Hungary’s Monika Olle collected her second title of the meet with a 1:04.80 in the women’s 100-meter back. Zsofia Horvath placed second behind Olle for the second time with a 1:08.13, while Dorottya Kassai took third in 1:08.33. Hungary went 1-2 in the men’s 100-meter back when Lajos Dubai (57.79) and Oliver Gorcsa (58.51) placed first and second. Grigore Andrei Tiberiu wound up third in 59.55.

Hungary’s Szonja Szokol topped the women’s 50-meter fly in 27.88 with Amalie Mikkelsen (29.45) and Conni Rott (29.76) taking second and third. Dietmar Stockinger picked up the men’s 50-meter fly crown in 25.65. Nikolaus Dittrich finished second in 25.91 with Markus Hoefferer placing third in 25.94.

Sandra Swierczewska crushed the women’s 200-meter breaststroke finals in 2:34.37 with Annabelle Schwaiger placing second in 2:42.93. Tereza Horakova rounded out the top three in 2:43.02. Irakli Bolkvadze clinched the men’s 200-meter breast title in 2:21.28. Franz Oskar Bamer took down a Vienna junior record with a second-place 2:225.30, while Timon Wedekind finished third in 2:31.65.

Szonja Szokol doubled up on day two with a 1:01.61 to win the women’s 100-meter fly. Fanni Illes (1:02.90) and Amalie Mikkelsen (1:05.52) took second and third in the finale. Filip Milcevic grabbed the men’s 100-meter fly title in 55.96. Dietmar Stockinger (56.83) and Gergoe Zachar (57.70) finished second and third.

Eszter Toeroek touched out Szonja Szokol in the women’s 50-meter breast, 34.15 to 34.23, for the title, keeping Szokol from a third title on day two. Melissa Wurm placed third in 35.94. Dario Tunjic took home the men’s 50-meter breast title in 29.75. Erich Strohmayer (30.25) and Klaus Ortner (30.96) rounded out the top three.

Hungary’s Ajna Kesely won the women’s 400-meter free in 4:26.02 with Mathilde Huss-Hansen taking second in 4:28.49. Rikke Dehn finished third in 4:32.84. Hungary went 1-2-3 in another men’s event as Daniel Dudas (4:00.89), Adam Orosz (4:06.15) and Armin Remenyi (4:06.34) took the top three spots.

Day three kicked off with Conni Rott sweeping the sprint freestyles with a 27.55 to win the women’s 50-meter free. Alexandra Minkova took second in 27.82 with Rikke Dehn placing third in 27.95. Hungary’s Vince Pulai touched out Maksim Inic in the men’s 50-meter free, 24.32 to 24.37. Markus Hoefferer finished third in 24.51.

Anja Kesely claimed the women’s 200-meter freestyle in 2:07.37 with Rikke Dehn taking second in 2:11.24. Alexandra Laura Spaczay wound up third in 2:13.56. Daniel Dudas won yet again for Hungary, this time with a 1:53.59 in the men’s 200-meter free. Armin Remenyi took second in 1:55.95 for Hungary, while Davit Sikarulidze placed third in 1:56.38.

Sandra Swierczewska edged Eszter Toeroek, 1:13.52 to 1:13.62, for the women’s 100-meter breast title. Annabelle Schwaiger finished third in 1:16.04. Franz Oskar Bamer took down another Vienna junior with a 1:06.04 in the men’s 100-meter breast. Erich Strohmayer (1:08.02) and Oliver Petrikovits (1:10.34) placed second and third.

Rott doubled up on the final day with a 30.71 to win the women’s 50-meter back. Dorottya Horvath (31.38) and Klara Slamova (31.92) rounded out the podium. Oliver Gorcsa took the men’s 50-meter backstroke win in 27.96. Gerhard Rogler earned second in 29.25 with Nikola Dragovic placing third in 29.62.

Hungary’s Fannie Illes topped the women’s 200-meter fly by a wide margin with a 2:16.36. Michaela Dvorakova took second in 2:23.94, while Momo Kunishio finished third in 2:25.43. Stefan Wurzer grabbed the men’s 200-meter fly crown in 2:03.66. Hungary’s Gergoe Zachar (2:07.96) and Karol Puszer (2:08.27) battled for second.

Tereza Horakova clipped Szonja Szokol, 2:21.09 to 2:21.12, for the women’s 200-meter IM title. Amalie Mikkelsen (2:27.87) rounded out the top three. Irakli Bolkvadze blasted the field in the men’s 200-meter IM with a 2:09.43. Adam Kruzik (2:17.48) and Christof Matitz (2:17.79) fought for second-place honors.