Hali Flickinger Rips 2:06 200 Butterfly; Quah Holds on at 1:56.9 at TYR Pro Swim Series Indianapolis

Photo Courtesy: Peter H. Bick

Hali Flickinger neared her season best of 2021 in the finals of the 200 butterfly with a 2:06.70 on Thursday night in Indianapolis as she stayed controlled throughout. Regan Smith took the race out hard, turning at the 100 in 59.58 to Flickinger’s 59.94, and held the lead at the 150 with a 1:32.59 to Flickinger’s 1:32.81.

Flickinger muscled her way through the last 50 as she has been a 2:06.68 already this season and is the front runner for the Olympic title in this event as she is second in the world rankings. Smith was second here at 2:07.59 to lower her own season best as she is second in the national rankings after already going 2:07.9 this morning.

Flickinger on her race: “I’m really happy with it. I’ve been working really hard and have been learning and listening to Bob (Bowman). I think I hit the split I was aiming for, I apparently did but I haven’t seen the official time, but I think I did and I’m happy I was able to execute how I wanted to.”

Kelly Pash, who is making a homecoming to Indianapolis, finished in third at 2:08.79 to sit fourth in the national rankings while NCAA champ Olivia Carter was fourth at 2:09.05, putting herself fifth in the nation. In fact, the third fastest American has been high school junior Charlotte Hook, who was a 2:07 earlier this season, but she was eighth here at 2:12.26.


  1. Hali Flickinger, 2:06.70
  2. Regan Smith, 2:07.59
  3. Kelly Pash, 2:08.79
  4. Olivia Carter, 2:09.05
  5. Tess Howley, 2:10.44
  6. Lindsay Looney, 2:10.71
  7. Jing Quah, 2:11.57
  8. Charlotte Hook, 2:12.26

In the men’s race, Zheng Quah took it out hard, turning at 54.87 at the halfway point as he was pushing for the 1:56.48 FINA A cut to gain qualification for Tokyo to represent Singapore on the world’s biggest stage. With a comfortable lead of about a second at the 150, turning at 1:24.95, Quah was hurting on the last 50 but he won with a 1:56.94, holding off the likes of Zach Harting (1:57.64) and Indiana’s Corey Gambardella (1:57.67).

Harting turned eighth at the 100, nearly two full seconds behind Quah with a 56.7 and split 30.2 and 30.6 on the last two 50s to show he is in great racing shape to go for a run at this summer’s Olympic Trials. Harting is currently the fastest American for 2021 as Gambardella sits second behind him with his swim tonight.

Angel Martinez was fourth at 1:57.84 ahead of Miles Smachlo (1:58.17).


  1. Zheng Quah, 1:56.94
  2. Zach Harting, 1:57.64
  3. Corey Gambardella, 1:57.67
  4. Angel Martinez, 1:57.84
  5. Miles Smachlo, 1:58.17
  6. Hector Ruvalcaba, 1:58.42
  7. Jarod Arroyo, 1:59.37
  8. Nick Albiero, 2:00.01

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