Future of Temporary Pools Used for Rio Olympics Revealed

Photo Courtesy: David Rieder

Temporary pools home to amazing races and warm ups during the Olympics are currently moving to their new – permanent –  destinations in different areas of Brazil.

The news concerning the deterioration of Olympics’ sports facilities after the Games, including the swimming pools completed for the event, was partially incorrect.

Footage shot clearly shows that the Rio 2016 temporary pools, completed by the Italian company Myrtha Pools, have already been dismantled and are ready to be sent to other venues for permanent installation before the end of the year.

That’s the Myrtha Technology advantage. A winning strategy to avoid the risk of the pool becoming a white elephant. In fact, Myrtha Technology gives the opportunity to set up a temporary pool, no matter where, including in existing venues, and dismantle it right after the event. Materials can then be re-used for a permanent installation where the pools can serve the communities and not turn into obsolete facilities.


Photo Courtesy: Myrtha Pools

Thanks to this technology, pools can represent a true legacy for the city hosting the International Competition as they can move and install the pool in a different location where it is actually needed, without wasting money and materials and with an eco-friendly touch.

Such is the case of the pool, home to competitions at the Olympic Stadium, which will be brought back to new life in Fortaleza do Sao Joao, Rio de Janeiro, in a military base on the slopes of Sugarloaf, where it will be reassembled preserving the original size: 50x25x3 meters.

A similar future awaits the Water Polo pool (14x25x3 meters), installed during the Games just outside the Maria Lenk Aquatic Centre and soon to be moved to Manaus, where it will turn into a 50 meter pool.

The two “twin pools”, two temporary 50x25x2 meters at the Parque dos Atletas, have already been dismantled. The first one will be delivered to a military base in Guarantiguetà, not far from San Paolo, for military competitions, while the other one will go to Salvador de Bahía as the heart of a new public facility for the community.

The final location for the Olympic Stadium warm-up pool is yet to be decided. However the pool has already been dismantled and is currently owned by Rio de Janeiro municipality.

Press release courtesy of Myrtha Pools.


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    Michael Maloney

    yes ok we believe that..take a Pool marked for Olympic..(peaceful) games and ship it to a MILITARY base…wow..the IOC better wise up in picking THESE host nations…thanks to Brazil..South American will Never see another olympics..