Friday FunDay: 5 Unique Swimming Relays to Make Practice Fun


Friday FunDay: 5 Unique Swimming Relays to Make Practice Fun

Are you tired of the endless back and forth of swimming during practice? Craving the thrill of competition that’s more about teamwork than swimming the fastest time? Luckily, you can dive into the exciting world of fun swimming relays! Forget the pressure of swimming personal best times; these relays are guaranteed to ensure everyone has a blast during practice. So, put on your cap and goggles and discover this list of some fun relay possibilities.

Here’s a rundown of some super fun relays, with clear instructions to make sure everyone understands the rules:

Move It Relay:

  • Get strategic: Swimmers will pair up, each team using two kickboards.
  • Set up the course: Place one kickboard at each end of a lane. Stack up various swimming equipment like paddles, buoys, fins, snorkels, and more on one kickboard.
  • Relay time: Swimmers take turns grabbing one piece of equipment from the pile, placing it on their kickboard, kicking to the other end of the lane, and stacking it on the second kickboard. Then, they kick back to their partner, hand off the kickboard, and their partner repeats the process.
  • Winning team: The first pair to successfully move all their equipment to the other kickboard wins!

Toy Car Relay:

  • Fuel up the speed: Race small toy cars along the black line at the bottom of the pool.
  • Relay time: The first swimmer to reach the other side hands the car to the next teammate, and so on, until a team wins.
  • Increase difficulty: For a twist, balance the miniature toy car on a kickboard and kick on your back to the other side!

Catch Me If You Can Relay:

  • Get ready to race: Two teams start at opposite pool ends and race towards each other.
  • Relay time: The first team to touch or overlap the other team wins!
  • Add variety: Try strokes like backstroke, breaststroke, or butterfly for an extra challenge.

Partner Relay:

  • Teamwork: Swimmers pair up, with one swimmer holding the ankles of the other swimmer.
  • Relay time: The swimmer holding the ankles kicks the team forward while the swimmer in front uses their arms to pull.

Flip-Turn Relay:

  • Set it up: Two teams start on the same side of the pool.
  • Master the flip-turn: Teams race, with each swimmer diving in, swimming a good breakout to the middle of the pool, sprinting back to the starting side, doing another flip-turn on the wall, and sprinting to the opposite side and tagging the next teammate.
  • The key: It’s all about doing fast flip-turns and racing back to the wall!

These swimming relay inspirations will let your imagination run wild. Play around, experiment, and swim some relays that can be extremely fun. It’s all about having fun during practice with your teammates and turning each practice into one you will never forget.

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