Fort Lauderdale Unveils Iconic High Diving Tower As Possible Addition to Hall of Fame Aquatic Center

Artist Rendition of First Permanent High Diving Tower in the Western Hemisphere

The City of Fort Lauderdale is in the early stages of evaluating the construction of an iconic High Diving Tower to be included in its 27 Million renovation of the Hall of Fame Aquatic Center.

If constructed, the high tower will be the only one of its kind in the Western Hemisphere and could serve as an International Training center for high divers throughout the world. The top platform sits 87 feet above the diving well and is almost three times higher than the current 10 meter competition platforms.

High Diving is poised to become an Olympic event as early as 2024. It is currently an approved FINA Diving event for World Championships.


Photo Courtesy: Hensel-Phelps

The only other high diving tower in the world was recently constructed in China and is currently hosting its first FINA competition

Screen Shot 2018-12-08 at 10.07.30 AM

Photo Courtesy: Helen Yang

Prior to the construction of the high diving tower in Zhaoqing, China, all previous high diving towers were temporary structures as seen in the video below which shows the structure used for the 2017 World Championships in Budapest, Hungary

The City of Fort Lauderdale is poised to create the most iconic, permanent high diving tower in the world.



  1. Ray Cox

    Things are looking up for the ISHOF

  2. avatar
    Brandi West

    Wow! Yes! This would be so awesome!

    • Gabby Mercier

      Caroline White hehe ur not gonna be able to pay me to go off anything higher than 10 meter lol

    • Gabby Mercier

      Shahzad Mumtaz no thx for tagging me

  3. avatar
    Kurt W

    The city would be crazy NOT to seriously pursue this idea.

  4. Neil Morgan

    I’ve never dived off more than 5 metres. That just looks scary!

  5. Jeff Ludwick

    I thought the HOF was
    Moving to California

    • avatar
      Brent Rutemiller

      The City of Fort Lauderdale gave ISHOF a 30-Year Lease to remain in FTL

  6. avatar
    Brent Rutemiller

    The City of Fort Lauderdale gave ISHOF a 30-Year Lease to remain in FTL

  7. avatar
    Robin Hood, NZL

    Elegant and dramatic. A compliment and complement to the world of diving. Well done and I hope I can visit the reality at its completion and the inaugural event.