Faces Of The Meet At The 2016 NCSA Juniors

Photo Courtesy: Taylor Brien

While covering the 2016 NCSA Juniors Championship meet in Orlando, FL Swimming World had the chance to walk around and capture some of the faces that help run the meet. As with any sort of high caliber event there is a lot of planning and volunteers required to make it happen.

The volunteers, officials, and YMCA directors did an outstanding job ensuring that both short course pools ran smoothly and effectively in the mornings, before switching them over to one long course pool in the evenings. Take It Live was on hand to provide live streaming of the meet, while the announcers did a phenomenal job keeping the atmosphere lively and upbeat.

Without the time and dedication of countless individuals, an event of this caliber would not be possible. Congratulations volunteers, officials, and directors on another successful meet!

Volunteer Photo Gallery

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