duPont Manual High School Tops NISCA Scholar Team Awards

Photo Courtesy: Matt Rubel of Rubel Photography

The National Interscholastic Swim Coaches Association (NISCA) have announced the prestigious Scholar Team awards to high schools in 30 states.

The organization ranks teams based on gold, silver or bronze award status. The placing of each team is determined by the average GPA earned by at least 12 athletes on the team. Gold award teams earn at least a 3.75 GPA, while silver award teams score 3.5-3.749 GPA. The bronze award ranking is for teams whose GPA falls between 3.2 and 3.499.

This year, the boys team from duPont Manual High School in Louisville, Kentucky achieved the highest GPA with a strong 3.983. A total of 22 boy teams joined duPont Manual under the Gold Award category. Texas named the most teams to the Gold Award category with four, while California named three teams.

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Amazingly, the girls team at duPont Manual High School also earned the highest GPA with a matching 3.983. An astounding 89 girls teams were awarded with the Gold Award. Of those 89, 10 high schools were from Texas.

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Overall, Ohio named the most teams to the Scholar Team list with a total of 33 teams (14 boys and 19 girls). Texas finished second overall in the state team rankings with a total of 31, while Michigan was third with 29.

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