Diana Nyad to Postpone 102-Mile Swim From Cuba to Florida; Will Make Public Announcement Tomorrow on CNN

PHOENIX, Arizona, October 15. MARATHON swimming legend Diana Nyad is set to announce the postponement of her attempt to swim from Cuba to the Florida Keys, a 102-mile swim that has been 30 years in the making.

Nyad will make her public announcement this weekend on the CNN show "Sanjay Gupta, MD." Nyad has already taped the interview with Gupta. Watch a preview below:

Nyad had been waiting for government approval from the United States and Cuba all summer, and about a month ago she believed the conditions were perfect for the swim but hurricanes in the area caused her team to further delay the swim.

Now, Nyad says she will continue training for a July 2011 attempt.

Nyad previously attempted the swim in 1978, and stopped after she was thrown well off course by currents.

Watch Nyad's July 27 interview on The Morning Swim Show below: