David Marsh Steps Away From Head Coach/CEO Role at SwimMAC

Photo Courtesy: Maria Dobysheva

David Marsh, the head coach of this summer’s U.S. women’s Olympic Team, will no longer be the head coach and CEO of the SwimMAC Carolina club based in the Charlotte, N.C., area. Coach Terry Fritch has taken over as the club’s head coach.

Marsh confirmed the changes in his role to Swimming World. In an email to club membership Friday afternoon, SwimMAC’s board wrote that all parties last summer agreed Marsh’s role with the club would change, but they are still discussing the plan going forward.

“Organizations evolve over time. I’m proud of the accomplishments that SwimMAC has experienced at all levels over the last nine years. As we move forward, I’m continuing to explore how to best balance my desire to build an even more successful Team Elite/High Performance concept and how the Board would like to utilize my skills and experience with my continuing interest in seeing SwimMAC and our great sport flourish in the USA,” Marsh wrote in a statement to Swimming World.

Marsh remains in charge of Team Elite and a stable of professionals that includes Katie MeiliMadison Kennedy, Brazil’s Matheus Santana and Japan’s Ryosuke Irie. Fritch will take over the day-to-day responsibilities of the separate age group club.

Coach Terry’s responsibilities will include the management of all SwimMAC programs, and he will continue to serve as a member of the board of directors. We believe his experience, skill set, and passion for SwimMAC will continue to move our program in a positive direction. We are excited for the energy and leadership Coach Terry will provide,” the board wrote in the email.

Marsh had been the head coach of the SwimMAC program since coming from Auburn in 2007.


  1. Aunt Kim

    #MarshMadness continues with the elite team. @dmswimmac is a winner at every level!

  2. Rob Richardson

    I heard USA Swimming is looking for a new CEO….

  3. Grant Rowlands

    Maxwell Byers send your resume

  4. avatar

    Boards of Directors don’t make teams great. Professional coaches and swimmers do. Dave has shown he is a winner at all levels and whatever he does next will be benefitted by his leadership. There’s an opening to take over as CEO of Tropical Penguin (Competitiveswimmer.com) if you’re einterested! Seriously Dave, God bless and best wishes.

  5. Kimberly Hoodin

    David Marsh is truly one of the finest gentlemen I know. Amazing coach and more amazing person. He’ll be a winner wherever he goes and so will those he works with and coaches.

  6. avatar
    David Marsh

    Thank you

  7. avatar

    David is a great hands on person but he is also a visionary who can lead at a higher level. If USA Swimming were smart, they will have David on their short list for National Team Director now that Frank is leaving in August. This would be a win for team USA but I wonder who would coach the elite’s at Mac? They would all be concerned I suppose.