Dana Vollmer to Race While Pregnant at arena Pro Swim Mesa

Photo Courtesy: Peter H. Bick

The next stop of the arena Pro Swim Series, April 14-16 in Mesa, Ariz., will feature a familiar yet unexpected face in three-time U.S. Olympian Dana Vollmer.

She and husband Andy Grant are expecting a second child this summer, which rules Vollmer out of U.S. Nationals and the World Championships in June and July. But she’s apparently good to go for one race in the meantime, a 50 free in Mesa.

Vollmer will not have to do any flip turns in the race, although getting into a tech suit may prove challenging, if she chooses to wear one.

Vollmer has not competed since winning a gold medal on the U.S. women’s 400 medley relay in Rio. She and Grant have one other child, two-year-old Arlen.


  1. Caroline Dampier

    Susan Kim Joan Marie Weaver badass Mama!!!!

    • Joan Marie Weaver

      could i love her any more i guess i can… daaaamn mamaaaa

  2. Michael Vartolomei

    Her BABY is going to be a terrific swimmer, period!

  3. Anna Zhou

    Ashley Jeanette Lei Me af racing with my food baby

    • Ashley Feng

      my baby is named Gorgonzola

  4. Alexa Nguyen

    Manon Audebert HUMAN SUBMARINE

  5. Andrew Webber

    Or, men cease to be amazed by women doing things when pregnant. That, would be a story

  6. avatar

    Go Dana!

  7. Laura M Wanco

    She’s not sick! She’s pregnant you go girl

  8. Charlene Tallen

    You go! I was a horse trainer and showed up into my 6th month. I rode until a week before I delivered. Hear us roar ?

  9. Shawn Clark Sabo

    Hmmm she will be extra fast and extra pair of legs to help kick! Good for her

  10. Mariana Vayanas

    I danced through my whole pregnancy. Go girl!!!

  11. Stephanie Shepherd Kohs

    The tech suit – getting that thing on is tricky on a good day! Go girl!

    • Tammy Lee

      I doubt she’ll wear a tech suit.

  12. avatar

    Give me a break! Retire already, or compete at masters. All self promotion.

  13. Jack Weldon

    Jacob Cabbage Dima Pelutis didnt you two swim all season pregnant

  14. Melissa Arzave

    Amber Honeybaker she’s awesome

  15. Nicole Kramer

    Wendy Lansbach Boglioli Makes me think of you ???

  16. Aileen Cutting-Gardner

    I weaer skied until 7months with my first in windy Wellington Habour glad I did,second I ran and played squash E grade until I could not more – good on her go girl – men should try doing it some time

  17. Trina Schaetz

    Sarah Schneider Perez won the 200 fly at USMS nats 4 mos preggers!

  18. Gina Hart

    Go Dana, Go!!

  19. avatar
    Thomas Meehan

    Wisconsin Masters perennial Water Warrior winner Melodee Nugent swam distance in meets through a pregnancy years ago (it was in the 80’s or 90’s). She had to compensate for being so buoyant. In a 50 free, Dana Vollmer may be able to take advantage of the buoyancy.

  20. Sean MacMillan

    She’s awesome. But is that safe?

  21. Shelley Marie

    Go girl! That is bad ass