CSCAA Names NCAA Division I Awards; Caeleb Dressel, Eddie Reese Honored

caeleb-dressel-swimmer of the meet-
Photo Courtesy: Peter H. Bick

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After leading the Texas Longhorns to their thirteenth NCAA Men’s Division I Swimming & Diving Title, Eddie Reese has earned his third-consecutive CSCAA Coach-of-the-Year award.  Reese’s honor was one of four individual awards handed out by the College Swimming Coaches Association of America on Saturday Evening.

Purdue’s Adam Soldati was recognized as the Men’s Diving Coach of the Year for the fifth time in his career.  Florida’s Caeleb Dressel (Green Cove Springs, FL) was voted the CSCAA Swimmer-of-the-Year for the second-straight year.  Last year the Junior shared the award with award with Texas’ Joseph Schooling and California’s Ryan Murphy.  Dressel captured three individual titles – bringing him to six overall.  Purdue’s Steele Johnson (Carmel, IN) was named Diver-of-the-Year.  Johnson is only the second men’s diver to win the award multiple times, an honor shared with former teammate David Boudia.

The CSCAA also named 229 students to its All-America teams, with 128 earning a spot on the first-team and another 101 being honored as Honorable Mention.  Texas led the way with twelve swimmers earning a spot on the first team, followed by Indiana with eleven.  Dressel, Murphy and NC State’s Ryan Held were the only swimmers to reach the championship heat in all seven events.

All-Americans were selected on the basis of their finish at the Championships and membership with the CSCAA.  The top eight individuals and relay members in each event earned First-Team recognition while those finishing 9-16th named Honorable Mention (or 2nd Team) All-American.


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The complete list of All-American awards including event can be found

All-Americans By Count

School 1st Team 2nd Team
Texas 12 1
Indiana 11 2
NC State 10 1
California 9 2
Stanford 9 6
Florida 8
Alabama 7 1
Missouri 7 2
Southern California 7 3
Louisville 6 3
Auburn 5 4
Arizona State 4 4
Georgia 4 3
Purdue 4 1
Michigan 3 4
South Carolina 3 2
Texas A&M 2 6
Miami (FL) 2
Virginia Tech 2
Wisconsin 2 3
Arizona 1 8
Denver 1
Duke 1
Harvard 1 3
LSU 1 1
Minnesota 1 5
Northwestern 1 1
Notre Dame 1 4
Ohio State 1 7
Penn St 1 1
Tennessee 1 6
Cornell 1
Florida State 6
George Washington 1
Hawaii 1
Kentucky 1
Missouri State 1
North Carolina 1
Penn 1
Pittsburgh 1
Towson 1
Wyoming 1
Yale 1

First Team

Amaltdinov, Marat (JR) Purdue
Anderson, Mark (SR) Texas
Anderson, Matt (SO) Stanford
Apple, Zachary (SO) Auburn
Auboeck, Felix (FR) Michigan
Bams, Laurent (JR) Alabama
Barnard, Matt (SR) Minnesota
Bentz, Gunnar (JR) Georgia
Blyzinskyj, Jack (SR) Florida
Bohus, Richard (SR) Arizona State
Bonk, Joe (SR) NC State
Bray, Chandler (FR) Florida
Campbell, Grayson (FR) Texas
Carroll, Trevor (SR) Louisville
Carter, Dylan (JR) USC
Castillo Luna, Mauro (JR) Texas A&M
Chadwick, Michael (SR) Missouri
Cifelli, Joseph (SO) Purdue
Clark, Pace (SR) Georgia
Claverie, Carlos (JR) Louisville
Coffman, Sam (SO) Missouri
Condorelli, Santo (JR) USC
Conger, Jack (SR) Texas
Connor, James (SO) Indiana
Craig, Cameron (FR) Arizona State
Dahl, Soeren (SR) NC State
Darmody, Kyle (SR) Auburn
D’Arrigo, Mitch (SR) Florida
DeVine, Abrahm (SO) Stanford
Dinsmore, David (FR) Miami (FL)
Dressel, Caeleb (JR) Florida
Duderstadt, Michael (SR) Auburn
Dudzinski, Ryan (SO) Stanford
Duskinas, Tadas (SR) Arizona State
Egan, Liam (JR) Stanford
El Kamash, Marwan (SR) Indiana
Enos, Dashiell (JR) USC
Farris, Dean (FR) Harvard
Fiala, Brandon (SR) Virginia Tech
Finnerty, Ian (SO) Indiana
Glover, Bob (SR) Indiana
Griffin, Carter (SR) Missouri
Gutierrez, Long (SR) California
Haas, Townley (SO) Texas
Harting, Zach (SO) Louisville
Hein, Daniel (FR) Missouri
Held, Ryan (JR) NC State
Henschel, Tyler (JR) Texas A&M
Hernandez, Juan (FR) LSU
Herrera, Briadam (JR) Miami (FL)
Hixon, Michael (JR) Indiana
Holoda, Peter (JR) Auburn
Hoppe, Connor (JR) California
Howard, Robert (SO) Alabama
Hren, Derek (SR) NC State
Hutchins, Matt (SR) Wisconsin
Ipsen, Anton Oerskov (JR) NC State
Jackson, Tate (SO) Texas
Jackson, Trent (SR) Notre Dame
Jensen, Michael (FR) California
Johnson, Scott (SR) NC State
Johnson, Steele (SO) Purdue
Josa, Matthew (JR) California
Kalisz, Chase (SR) Georgia
Kaliszak, Luke (JR) Alabama
Kalontarov, Ziv (SO) Auburn
Khalafalla, Ali (JR) Indiana
Kremer, Tom (SR) Stanford
Kropp, Peter (SR) Duke
Lanza, Vini (SO) Indiana
Liang, Andrew (JR) Stanford
Licon, Will (SR) Texas
Lindenbauer, Matthias (SR) Louisville
Litherland, Jay (JR) Georgia
Loncar, Anton (JR) Denver
Lorentz, Sam (SR) Indiana
Loschiavo, Brandon (FR) Purdue
Lynch, Justin (JR) California
Mahmoud, Akaram (JR) South Carolina
Malone, Reed (SR) USC
Mankus, Luke (SO) Missouri
Martinez Scarpe, Enzo (JR) Florida
McKee, Anton (SR) Alabama
Miclau, Theodore (JR) Stanford
Minuth, Fynn (SO) South Carolina
Mulcare, Patrick (SO) USC
Murphy, Ryan (SR) California
Newkirk, Jeff (SO) Texas
Oslin, Connor (SR) Alabama
Owen, Robert (SR) Virginia Tech
Perry, Sam (JR) Stanford
Pieroni, Blake (JR) Indiana
Pinfold, Brett (SR) Wisconsin
Porter, Andrew (JR) Arizona State
Powers, Paul (JR) Michigan
Quah, Zheng (FR) California
Quallen, Josh (SR) Louisville
Ransford, PJ (JR) Michigan
Ress, Justin (SO) NC State
Ringgold, Brett (JR) Texas
Roberts, Jonathan (JR) Texas
Romanov, Pavel (SR) Alabama
Romany, Josh (SO) Indiana
Rooney, Maxime (FR) Florida
Ryan, Shane (SR) Penn St
Samy, Mohamed (SO) Indiana
Sansoucie, Andrew (SR) Missouri
Schiellerup, Andreas (SR) NC State
Schooling, Joseph (JR) Texas
Schwingenschloegl, Fabian (SR) Missouri
Seliskar, Andrew (SO) California
Sendyk, Pawel (FR) California
Shebat, John (SO) Texas
Shoults, Grant (FR) Stanford
Smith, Clark (SR) Texas
Stewart, Coleman (FR) NC State
Stone, Liam (JR) Tennessee
Switkowski, Jan (JR) Florida
Szaranek, Mark (JR) Florida
Tarasevich, Grigory (SR) Louisville
Tribuntsov, Ralf (JR) USC
Vazaios, Andreas (JR) NC State
Vissering, Carsten (SO) USC
Waddell, Zane (FR) Alabama
Wich-Glasen, Nils (JR) South Carolina
Wilimovsky, Jordan (SR) Northwestern
Wright, Justin (JR) Arizona
Zeng, Zhipeng (SO) Ohio State

Second Team

Abdel Khalik, Aly (SR) Harvard
Acevedo, Javier (FR) Georgia
Acosta, Marcelo (SO) Louisville
Afrik, Tabahn (SO) Notre Dame
Al-Yamani, Mokhtar (SO) Michigan
Anderson, Thomas (FR) Arizona
Andrew, Mark (SO) Penn
Appleby, Andrew (SR) Ohio State
Ayar, Turker (SR) Texas A&M
Aydin, Metin (SO) Hawaii
Barna, Andrej (FR) Louisville
Barone, Jack (JR) Ohio State
Barsanti, Ryan (SR) Wisconsin
Beach, JP (JR) Arizona
Becker, Bowen (SO) Minnesota
Bekemeyer, Cody (SO) South Carolina
Bish, Blair (SO) Arizona
Bolleter, Cory (SR) Texas A&M
Bolognesi, Andrea (SR) George Washington
Bonetti, Brock (JR) Texas A&M
Campbell, Henry (JR) North Carolina
Chavez, Mossimo (SO) Ohio State
Clifton, Cannon (SR) Wisconsin
Cobleigh, Hunter (SR) California
Coetzee, Ryan (JR) Tennessee
Cogswell, Cole (SO) Stanford
Coldren, Cody (JR) Indiana
Conaton, Patrick (JR) Stanford
Connolly, Alec (FR) Tennessee
Cramer, Andrew (SR) Northwestern
Dale, Taylor (SR) Georgia
Davis, Nick (SR) Missouri
Decoursey, Kyle (SO) Tennessee
Dobbs, Chatham (SO) Arizona
Evdokimov, Alex (JR) Cornell
Fair, Paul (SR) Minnesota
Fleagle, Joshua (SR) Ohio State
Fujan, Reed (SR) Notre Dame
Fusaro, Henry (FR) Southern California
Garcia Boissier, Hector (SO) Penn St
Giordano, Dominc (SR) Pittsburgh
Gonzales, Jacob (SR) Texas A&M
Grisell, Dylan (SR) Florida State
Grissom, Kyle (SO) Southern California
Gurevich, Etay (FR) Louisville
Hyogo, Kei (JR) Yale
Idensohn, Chad (SO) Arizona
Iga, Jorge (FR) Arizona
Kaleoaloha, Kanoa (SO) Florida State
Koster, Adam (FR) Florida State
Law, Christopher (SO) Ohio State
Lazeroff, Scott (SO) Auburn
Lense, Noah (FR) Ohio State
Linker, Adam (SR) NC State
Lorenz, Christian (JR) Arizona State
Manchester, Jack (SR) Harvard
Mangan, Jack (SR) Michigan
Martins, Thomaz (SR) Arizona State
Masterton, Sebastian (SO) Kentucky
Mattern, John (SR) Georgia
McCloskey, Liam (SO) Auburn
McCormick, Jason (SR) Florida State
McHugh, Conner (JR) Minnesota
McHugh, Matt (SR) Ohio State
McHugh, Sam (JR) Tennessee
Montague, Jacob (FR) Michigan
Morris, Hugo (JR) Auburn
Mullin, Scotia (FR) Wyoming
Mylin, Chad (JR) Florida State
Novak, Brennan (SO) Harvard
Ogren, Curtis (JR) Stanford
Osvath, Artur (SO) Missouri State
Park, Patrick (JR) Arizona State
Patching, Joe (SR) Auburn
Peribonio, Tom (JR) South Carolina
Perry, Barkley (SR) Arizona State
Pisani, Will (SO) Florida State
Plaschka, Justin (JR) Notre Dame
Pokkinen, Tuomas (FR) Minnesota
Reid, Christopher (JR) Alabama
Sanders, Tristan (JR) Michigan
Saunderson, Jack (SO) Towson
Schreuders, Mikel (SO) Missouri
Showalter, Max (SO) Purdue
Speers, Daniel (SO) Notre Dame
Stack, Ryan (JR) Wisconsin
Stevens, Peter (JR) Tennessee
Stewart, Sam (SO) Texas
Stumph, Steven (SR) Southern California
Suchla, Andrew (SR) LSU
Sweetser, True (FR) Stanford
Tavcar, Anze (SR) Indiana
Thatcher, Cameron (FR) Stanford
Thomas, Mike (SO) California
Thorne, Nick (JR) Arizona
Thornton, Sam (SO) Texas A&M
Turner, Daryl (SR) Minnesota
Tybur, Jonathan (JR) Texas A&M
Verhage, Braga (FR) Tennessee
Wieser, Christopher (JR) Arizona
Yoder, Jimmy (SR) Stanford

Press release courtesy of the CSCAA.

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