China Fights Off Japan In Mixed Medley Relay At Asian Games

Photo Courtesy: Rob Schumacher-USA TODAY Sports

In the final relay of the night on night four of swimming from the 2018 Asian Games, it was China winning the 4×100 mixed medley relay with a 3:40.45. It is the first time the relay has been contested at the Asian Games so it will count as a new Games Record.

The team of Xu Jiayu (52.30), Yan Zibei (58.45), Zhang Yufei (56.61) and Zhu Menghui (53.09) won the gold medal ahead of Japan who swam a 3:41.21 for the silver medal. The Japanese had Ryosuke Irie (52.55), Yasuhiro Koseki (58.95), Rikako Ikee (55.68) and Tomomi Aoki (54.03) swimming for them.

South Korea finished with the bronze at 3:49.27 with Lee Juho (55.36), Moon JaekwonAn Sehyeon (57.93) and Ko Miso swimming for them.


  1. China, 3:40.45 (Xu, Yan, Zhang, Zhu)
  2. Japan, 3:41.21 (Irie, Koseki, Ikee, Aoki)
  3. Korea, 3:49.27 (Lee, Moon, An, Ko)
  4. Hong Kong, 3:50.22 (Au, To, Lim, Cheng)
  5. Indonesia, 3:55.37 (Sudartawa, Evato, Sutanto, Hapsari)
  6. Taipei, 3:58.30 (Chuang, Lee, Huang, Chen)
  7. Thailand, 4:01.75 (Chograthin, Ketin, Sapianchai, Sathianchokwisan)
  8. Singapore, DQ (Fong, Khoo, Quah, Quah)