Cate Campbell Pens Unfiltered Letter to “Keyboard Warriors”

Photo Courtesy: Delly Carr

Australian swimmer Cate Campbell has written a letter addressing her biggest online criticizers. Her words discuss her disappointing performances at the 2016 Olympics and how she has moved on since then.

Campbell contributed her letter to where she addressed her “keyboard warriors”:

“Hi it’s me, Cate. You may remember we had a bit of a run in about two years ago and have had brief encounters ever since.

I don’t think we have ever actually spoken directly, you’ll talk about me, then I might have a brief passing comment about you in return and the cycle continues.

But I think it’s time we talked – not face-to-face, because let’s not forget, you are faceless, while I very much am not – but at least directly to one another – no intermediaries. No journalists.”

Campbell was the world record holder in the 100 free heading into the Rio Olympics two years ago and, in her own words “choked” in the final, finishing sixth. She was also a big favorite in the 50 free where she ended up placing fifth.

“I’ve had a long time to process what went wrong and why I choked (yes I am still going to use that word).

And there are many, many reasons, none of which I feel now I have to justify to you. I did at the time.

But I just want to let you know, that you could not possibly be more disappointed in me, than I was in myself.”

Campbell also tackled how the world views failure and handles their ability to make comments on social media so easily. She used her letter to offer insight on how to spread positivity, instead of hate, via these outlets.

Most recently, Campbell posted a stellar meet at the 2018 Pan Pacific Championships where she brought home five gold medals.

Campbell’s full letter can be read here. contributed to this report.


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    So I guess today we learned that Miss Campbell is not just a choker, but also quite self-involved.

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    Not once does Campbell offer any credit or respect to those (Blume, Oleksiak, Manuel, among others) who simply stepped up and swam better/faster in her events at the 2016 Olympics. Get over yourself Cate.

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    This American appreciates this wonderful athlete. Lighten up, haters.

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    An incredible two-face. Trashes Team USA after Pan Pacs, then asks for everyone to treat her kindly. Good luck to the narcissist.

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    Should be spending more time working on her slow 50 Free.