Carmel Breaks 200 Medley Relay High School Mark

Photo Courtesy: David Farr

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INDIANAPOLIS – During prelims of the Indiana State High School Championships, the Carmel swim team took down a national high school standard.

The foursome of Sammie Burchill (25.51), Alex Clarke (29.07), Veronica Burchill (23.63) and Amy Bilquist (22.12) turned in a sizzling time of 1:40.33.

That swim not only broke Carmel’s 2014 national public school record of 1:40.83, but also lowered the overall record of 1:40.73 set by Carondelet back in 2011.

Carondelet’s foursome of Madison White, Allison Gargalikis, Christina Ray and Chelsea Chenault set that mark in 2011.

Carmel’s previous record came by way of Hanna House, Alex Clarke, Veronica Burchill and Amy Bilquist.

National Records for High School Are Pending Application Verification.  Click Here to Learn More:

More to come.

  1 CAR                           1:43.22    1:40.33*       
     1) Sammie Burchill 10            2) Alex Clarke 12               
     3) Veronica Burchill 11          4) Amy Bilquist 12              
                 25.51        54.58 (29.07)
        1:18.21 (23.63)     1:40.33 (22.12)

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8 years ago

Ben Baxter first two legs

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Carmel rocks!!

8 years ago

Take it all!