Campbell Sisters Go 1-2 in 100 Free Qualifying at Japan Open

Photo Courtesy: R-Sport / MIA Rossiya Segodnya

The Campbell Sisters led the way in the women’s 100-meter free at the 2016 Japan Open day two prelims.

Cate posted a top time of 53.06, off her top-ranked 52.38 from Australian Nationals, while sister Bronte qualified second in 54.27.  Bronte is ranked second in the world with a 52.58. Rikako Ikee placed third in prelims with a 54.60.

Cameron McEvoy threw down a 47.88 to lead the men’s 100-meter free.  That’s would be the top-ranked time in the world if he hadn’t already clocked a 47.04 at Australian Nationals..

James Magnussen qualified second in 48.52 with Katsumi Nakamura rounding out the top three in 49.34.

Kosuke Hagino, already the top-ranked swimmer in the world with a 4:08.90 from Japanese Nationals, unleashed a 4:11.48 to top men’s 400-meter IM qualifying. That time would put him third in the wasn’t already at the top of the rankings.

Tomoya Takeuchi qualified second in 4:18.62, while Daiya Seto cruised his way to a third-seeded 4:20.29.  Seto has a seventh-ranked 4:12.98 to his credit this year already, and was clearly keeping his powder dry during prelims.

Sakiko Shimizu paced the women’s 400-meter IM with a time of 4:40.31.  She’s been much faster with a sixth-ranked 4:35.04 to her credit this year. Miho Takahashi (4:44.46) and Hanako Ueda (4:44.61) qualified second and third behind her.

Rikako Ikee checked in with a 26.66 to top the women’s 50-meter fly.  Tomoyo Fukuda took second in prelims with a 27.23, while Yukina Hirayama snared third in prelims with a time of 27.25.

Masayuki Kishida raced his way to a time of 23.79 in the men’s 50-meter fly.  Kohei Kawamoto qualified second in 24.10 with Syunichi Makao posting a third-seeded time of 24.12.

Kanako Watanabe put up a 31.58 in the women’s 50-meter breast to lead prelims.  Miho Teramura posted a second-seeded 31.72 with Satomi Suzuki earning third overall in 31.74.

Koichiro Okazaki topped the men’s 50-meter breast with a top time of 27.70.  Ryota Nomura qualified second in a time of 27.73 with Yasuhiro Koseki taking third in a time of 27.76.

Australia’s Daniel Smith earned the top seed of the men’s 400-meter free with a time of 3:49.36.  Takeshi Matsuda finished second in prelims with a time of 3:51.67 with Yuki Kobori earning third in 3:51.93.

Australia’s Belinda Hocking captured the top seed in the women’s 200-meter back at 2:10.46.  Hong Kong’s Stephanie Au (2:10.92) and Hong Kong’s Claudia Lau (2:11.19) closed out the rest of the top three in an internationally-filled field.

Australia’s Josh Beaver claimed the top seed in the men’s 200-meter back with a 1:59.31.  That’s well off his seventh-ranked best of 1:56.19 from Australian Nationals.  Daiya Seto checked in with a second-seeded 1:59.71, tying Ryosuke Irie in the process.