Cameron van der Burgh Goes Viral On His Coronavirus COVID-19 Struggle

Cameron van der Burgh - Photo Courtesy: Joao Marc Bosch

Cameron van der Burgh, the 2012 Olympic 100m breaststroke champion and former World champion and record holder from South Africa, has been battling coronavirus COVID-19 infection for the past fortnight and has taken to social media to explain how tough it’s been even for a fit, young man whose athletic prime was just yesterday.

Cameron’s thread on Twitter explains clearly why the International Olympic Committee should not consider attempting to hold the Olympic Games this year. The swimmer, who still keeps fit on a regular basis, is still struggling with sever fatigue two weeks after being infected. Even though fever and the worst is over, his recovery and rehabilitation will take much longer, he indicates.

His conclusion:

“Please, look after yourself everyone! Health comes first – COVID-19 is no joke!”

Cameron van der Burgh’s thread:


    • Jack Avent

      Morgen Hawkins don’t want it!!

    • Jack Thomas

      Morgen Hawkins Honestly, it’s no use worrying about it where we are. Wash your hands and don’t panic, just be mindful of what’s going on.

  1. avatar

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Christian Sinchi

    Damn, As a swimmer myself with strong lungs the panic is even worse now.

  3. Patrick Nguyen

    He is one of my favorite swimmer, be strong and stay safe and hope all is fine with him.

  4. Prithvi Mahesh

    Tulasi Chaitanya Mandar Divase Rakshit Shetty Sajan Prakash