California COVID Regulations Force Change to TYR 18 & U Spring Cup

lane-line-pool-generic-njsaa swimming
Empty Pool - Photo Courtesy: Andy Ross

A change in health regulations in the state of California has led USA Swimming to alter its plan for the 2021 TYR 18 & U Spring Cup.

The event, to be held from April 29-May 2, was added to the 2021 calendar as an extra opportunity for young swimmers to obtain cuts for Olympic Trials. With an eye toward social distancing, the original plan was to host the meet at four locations nationally: Des Moines, Iowa; Richmond, Va.; Orlando Fla; and Irvine, Calif.

The change in regulations by the California Department of Health, which limits competitions to in-state athletes only, means the Woollett Aquatics Center in Irvine cannot accommodate out-of-state teams in the competition. USA Swimming is thus, granting geographical exemptions for affected teams and swimmers to compete at any of the other three sites.

This applies for members of the Inland Empire, Oregon, Pacific Northwest, Snake River, Alaska, Hawaii and Arizona LSCs. (Whether non-California residents of the two LSCs the comprise parts of California and Nevada are eligible to compete in Irvine is unclear.)

Registration for the TYR 18 & U Spring Cup will continue through April 20. The meet information page is available here.

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