Caeleb Dressel, Sarah Sjostrom Crowned Swimmers of the Meet at FINA World Swimming Championships

Caeleb Dressel (L) of the United States of America (USA) and Sarah Sjostrom of Sweden pose with the trophy for the best male and female swimmer at the Swimming events at the Gwangju 2019 FINA World Championships, Gwangju, South Korea, 28 July 2019.
Sarah Sjostrom and Caeleb Dressel were named swimmers of the meet at the 2019 FINA World Swimming Championships. Photo Courtesy: PATRICK B. KRAEMER

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FINA World Swimming Championships (Caeleb Dressel and Sarah Sjostrom)

Gwangju 2019

Day Eight Finals

The 2019 FINA World Swimming Championships came to a close on Sunday night in Gwangju, South Korea with Caeleb Dressel and Sarah Sjostrom being announced as swimmers of the meet. Dressel won six gold medals and two silver medals this week to become the first swimmer to ever win eight medals in a single World Championships while Sjostrom won a gold, two silvers and two bronze medals.

Dressel and Sjostrom also won the swimmers of the meet at the 2017 FINA World Swimming Championships in Budapest.

Caeleb Dressel – USA

Dressel became the first swimmer to ever win eight medals in a single World Championships. His biggest highlight of the week was when he broke the world record in the 100 fly in the semifinals on day six to lower Michael Phelps’ 10-year-old record. Dressel also broke American records in the 50 and 100 free as well as the 50 fly. He also led off the mixed 4×100 free relay that broke a world record in the final.


Photo Courtesy: Becca Wyant

Sarah Sjostrom – SWE

Sjostrom was the most decorated woman swimmer at the Championships, winning five individual medals in total. Australia’s Ariarne Titmus won five medals but had four individuals, winning the gold medal in the 4×200 free relay.

Sjostrom had one gold medal in the 50 fly this week, winning that event for the third time in her career. She became the first woman to win that event three times at the World Championships in the event’s short history. Sjostrom also finished second in the 100 fly and 50 free and picked up bronzes in the 100 and 200 free.

She became the first woman to have won five medals in individual events at a single world championships.


Photo Courtesy: Becca Wyant


  1. HJ Oxie

    Nothing against Sjostrom but Simone Manual was the best female performer at this meet.

    • avatar
      Carl Ohlen

      Sarah was the best with five medals. She also has the world record for these distances.

    • avatar

      Sjöström made five medals this VM. She deserved this price more than any other

  2. Justin Kinney

    Reagan Smith and her 3 world records. Hands down.

  3. Franz Huggins

    I would place Simone Manuel and Regan Smith ahead of Sjoestrom.

  4. Rhys Hugo

    Simone Manuel is special.

  5. Matteo Forni

    Sjostrom??? Why?

    Ah ok…just to show a right color palette: blond is trendy this season…

  6. Simtränare Jens Persson

    This may be a part of why Sjöström won, she grabbed 5 individual medals, so did Katinka. But Sjöström is now the all time number one woman when it comes to number of individual medals at worlds.

  7. Pia Porkola Smideberg

    Fabulous swimmers! Thank you for a great WC! snd all the best for the future! ??‍♂️?‍♀️??

  8. avatar
    Fred P

    It is based off a points list for gold, silver, bronze and records. Thus five individual medals won it for Sjostrom.

  9. Cristian Botti

    I think Benedetta Pilato should be the swimmer of the meet!!

    • Kent Lykke Jensen

      Naaaa. She’s a great talent, but didn’t perform in the same way as Sarah….. She’s the only one I can see is worthy for this award……

    • Pablo Valedon

      Simone Manuel 8 medals won two individual titles in 50 and 100 free plus 2 relay golds.
      She should of won swimmer of the meet.

      • avatar

        Only 2 individual events and 6 relays is a lot of other swimmers that were involved in Simone’s medals. Sarah won 5 individual events, her success is all on her, not other swimmers.

    • Cristian Botti

      Ladies and Gentlemen, tell me how many chances you will have in your life to see again a 14 year old win a medal at the world championships. Benedetta Pilato, yesterday, made the history of this sport.

      • avatar

        Sarah won GOLD with WR at the age of 15! She is in the middle of a long career. We must see if Pilato succeeds, hope so! Sarah writes history all the time! She swim 50-200 and own 4 WR LC!

    • Cristian Botti

      We can also talk about Federica Pellegrini, that with the gold medal of the other day, won medals in 8 consecutive word championship in 200 freestyle! No man or woman did it. She made history, too.

  10. avatar
    Bob Hopkins

    the thrilling men’s 1500 final showed the benefit of greater distance per stroke as 30 strokes per length beat 39 strokes per length; thanks to Bill Boomer and Terry Laughlin for figuring out that technique 25 years ago and then spreading the gospel of distance per stoke via gliding after each stroke over the last three decades

  11. Dave Hoover

    As far as quality swimming, I’d give it to Reagan Smith on the female side in shattering two WR’s, 100/200 back. Sjostrom had just one gold and that swim wasn’t that particularly noteworthy.

  12. avatar
    Kevin Bromlow

    1 individual gold medal = 5 points, 1 individual silver medal = 3 points, 1 individual bronze medal= 2 points. Relays do not add points.

    Sjostrom won 1 gold, that’s 5 points. 2 silvers, that’s 6 points. 2 bronzes, that’s 4 points. 15 point overall. Simone Manuel won 2 individual gold medals, that’s 10 points.

    That’s all

    • Dave Hoover

      She had an awesome meet no doubt but Reagan Smith’s two blistering WRs were the news on the female side of the bracket for me. No one had been been with in 1.6 secs of it since it was set and she took off nearly 3/4 of second off the old record in doing it. She also took almost 1/2 second off the 100 which was equally remarkable.

    • Han Woodward

      Dave Hoover I agree Reagan was amazing – it’s between her and Simone for me. She won the most medals of any woman at the world champs after all! Really not sure why they chose Sjoestrom

  13. Pamela Goldsbro

    Regan Smith gets my vote. Sorry FINA think you missed this one???