Boomer Phelps Hits the Pool in Baltimore

boomer-phelps-swim-lesson (1)
Photo Courtesy: Boomer Phelps Instagram

Back in Baltimore for the Thanksgiving holiday, Michael Phelps took his son, seven-month-old Boomer Phelps, to Meadowbrook Aquatic and Fitness Center for swim lessons with Cathy Bennett.

Bennett taught Phelps how to swim at the very same facility a quarter-century ago, and now she manages the Michael Phelps Swim School in Baltimore. But this lesson with Boomer did not lead to any proficient butterfly or freestyle as Bennett, Phelps and Phelps’ wife, Nicole, could hardly convince Boomer to put his head underwater.

Watch Boomer’s Monday swim lesson (his second in Baltimore) in this video from Phelps’ Facebook page.

Also in the video, Michael Phelps discusses being back home for Thanksgiving and gives his takes on some of the weekend’s results around the sports world.


  1. Angie Chu

    Wow, wonder he knows there is a full legacy ahead of him?

  2. Tony Wilson

    Awesome Boomer ! God speed
    Can’t wait to watch you grow up ! Your Dad is the best!

  3. Bobbi Vasquez

    It is so great to see the Phelps being great role models ??