Allison Arnold Breaks 29 Year Old 1650 Record to Open Masters Nationals

Photo Courtesy: Nicholas McMillan

Masters Nationals opened today with the two longest distance events- the 1000 and 1650 freestyles.

Women’s Meet

Allison Arnold set a new Masters National Record in the 1650 freestyle for the 18-24 year old age group, when she finished in 17:27.91. The old record was a 17:31.70, set in 1987. Arnold earlier won the 1000 in 11:04.85.

Adrienne Bicek touched first in the 25-29 age bracket in the 1000 in 10:34.38. In the 30-34 year old age group, Allison Cox emerged victorious with a final time of 11:07.29. Ashley Whitney stopped the clock at 10:55.87 to win the 35-39 year old age group. Stacey Bruce also snuck under 11 minutes, posting a 10:56.45 to win the 40-44 year old age group. Bruce later won the 1650 in 18:07.77.

The winner of the 45-49 division was Heidi Williams in 11:40.08. Robin Klestinec touched at 11:10.93 to win in the 50-54 year old group. Marguerite Meyer topped the 55-59 division in 12:01.30, and later won the 1650 in 20:04.11. In the 60-64 year old’s category, Karen Einsidler finished first in 12:19.12 in the 1000 and in 20:22.96 in the 1650.

Celeste Miller was first to the wall in the 65-69 year old age group in the 1000, touching in 13:16.05. Kathy Slifer topped the podium of the 70-74 year old age group with a time of 14:05.25. Joan Griffin was the sole 75-79 year old competitor finishing in 20:29.58. Sara Martin finished in 28:20.53 to win the 85-89 year olds.

Heather Mohorn won the 25-29 year olds 1650 with an 18:07.59. Melinda Williams was the top finisher in the 30-34 year olds with an 18:08.47. Jennifer Leiser touched in 18:27.36 to claim the 35-39 year old title. Dana Gianniny posted a 19:07.94 to earn the 45-49 division.

Laurie Hug was victorious for the 50-54 year olds in 18:26.80. Fran Hare‘s 22:34.73 won the 65-69 year olds. In the 70-74 year olds, Carolynn Foley won in 30:37.69.

Men’s Meet

Andrew Avery out touched Andrew Catanese 10:47.42 to 10:47.47 to win the men’s 18-24 1000 freestyle. Yorlliry Moreno touched in 10:39.81 to win the 25-29 age division, before winning the 1650 in 17:50.58. An even faster 1000 came from Dustin Gerken who won the 30-34 year olds with a 10:20.91. Matt Maurer stopped the clock at 10:32.53 to take victory in the 35-39 year old age group 1000 and 17:46.54 to win the 1650.

Gunner Lehr topped the 40-44 year olds’ podium in 10:30.77. Patrick Brundage beat everybody younger than him with his 10:09.92 to win the 45-49 year old age bracket. In the 50-54 year olds, David Sims touched first in 10:12.10. Jim Callahan swam a 10:56.35 to earn gold for the 55-59 year olds.

In the 60-64 year old age group, Jay Howard finished in 11:16.30 to win the 1000, and in 18:53.33 to win the 1650. Rick Walker‘s 11:36.58 won the 65-69 year old group. The 70-74 year old gold went to Dan Willert in 13:55.22.

Ami Trauber was the top finisher in the 75-79 year old division with a 15:19.96. Pete Palmer stopped the clock in 17:12.11 to win the 80-84 year olds. Robert Beach touched in 18:08.19 to win the 1000 and 30:20.98 to win the 1650 for the 85-89 year olds.

Benjamin Hillebrand won the 18-24 men’s 1650 in 17:13.54. David Penneys stopped the clock in 17:38.02 in the 30-34 year olds. In the 40-44 year olds, Jorge Albino touched first in 17:47.31. In 16:52.19, Steven Unruh won the 45-49 year olds. Mike Shaffer won the 50-54 year olds in 17:19.29.

Kurt Nelson was at the top of the podium for the 55-59 year olds in the 1650 in 19:09.89. Jim McConica touched in 19:11.71 to claim the 65-69 year olds title. Bill Watts won the 70-74 year olds with a 22:58.80. Roland Samuelson posted a 30:39.88 to claim the title for the 75-79 year olds. Larry Good was the first finisher for the 80-84 year olds, touching in 26:47.20.