7 Swimming Haikus

Ryan Lochte Pan Pacs 2014

7 Swimming Haikus

Haikus are funny

Don’t need many words to write

All about swimming

1. Advice From Coach

Brent Matheson CeraVe Invitational

Don’t breathe off your walls
Make sure to stay in streamline
Kick kick kick kick kick

2. Morning Practice

Swim Successfully
No no no no no
No no no no no no no
No no no no no

3. Swimmer’s Appetite


Yes yes yes yes yes
Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
Yes yes yes yes yes

4. Taper


So much energy
I am bouncing off the walls
Taper is my friend

5. Pool Water

Photo Courtesy: Tom DeLauro

Chlorine in water
Its taste is so familiar
It bleaches my hair

6. Practice

Photo Courtesy: Delly Carr

First set of the day
My arms burn, my legs cramp up
Ugh, I have to pee

7. Tech-suits


Three hundred dollars
Twenty minutes to put on
They are so worth it

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