6 Reasons Why You Should Become a Summer Swim Coach 

Summer Swim

6 Reasons Why You Should Become a Summer Swim Coach 

Since we are nearing the end of the swim season, the sweet sunscreen taste of summer swim is in the air. Many summer swim teams are already beginning their searches for coaches. There is always a need for people enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the sport. Having second thoughts on if you should apply? Here are some reasons why being a summer swim coach can help you become a better swimmer: 

Better Conceptual Understanding

Explaining different swim concepts to other people actually makes you remember them better! Teaching a concept is different than just putting the concept within your own swimming. Thinking more about the why and breaking the concept into steps will make you see places where you can strengthen your own swimming. Creating swim sets will also give a different perspective on training when you go to practice. You will be better able to see the purpose of each set and maximize your training’s effectiveness. 

Appreciation for the Fun Moments 

Summer swimming is where many of us first fell in love with the sport. There are often very young swimmers who are completing their first race ever, and the atmosphere is always excitable. Working with swimmers who are discovering their joy for the first time can make you appreciate the fun parts of swimming more. When it’s the middle of the season, it can be hard to remember why you are in this sport. Working with these athletes helps you remember why you swim: Because you have fun while doing it! 

Finding a New Swim Community 

Becoming a coach means joining a new community of swimmers. In fact, it means that you define what community means on the team as a leader. Helping facilitate a healthy community is an imperative leadership lesson to learn. This skill can even be used with your teammates, and can help engage existing relationships with teammates. 

Job Experience 

Even if you don’t want a career as a coach, there are several transferable skills that can be learned. Management and working within a team environment are important traits for almost every job. Time management and planning are also important within every job. Working as a coach also gives skills in teaching, which is a great way to get experience before going into a teaching career. 

Becoming a Better Teammate

Being a leader of a community of swimmers means that you set the tone for what you want the community to be. Thinking about what you want your team environment to be and how that environment can be fostered will inevitably reflect back with your teammates. Being a coach also exposes you to working with different types of swimmers with different experiences. Understanding other swimmers will help you be able to be a more compassionate and effective teammate when helping team members. 

Giving Back the Love of Swimming

Most of all, the greatest coaches give back a love of the sport. Summer swim teams are where many lifetime swimmers first fall in love with the sport. Being the inspiration for a lifetime love of the sport is just as if not more fulfilling than any other aspect of the sport. Coaching can be a difficult job, but the satisfaction of watching your team come together makes it worthwhile. 

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Rich Morris
Rich Morris
1 year ago

also, pick the worst team in the league! simple skills such as streamlining and rotation reinforce what works. Great fun!

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