5 Things to Consider when Coming Back to the Pool


5 Things to Consider when Coming Back to the Pool

It’s time for summer swim season! No matter the competition level, you might be returning to the pool after a break. Coming back to the sport after some time away can be exciting. However, we also forget some important things after coming back. Here are five things to consider when returning to the pool deck after a break: 

You Won’t Be Where You Left Off

After a break from the pool, you may not feel the same as you did last season. It is easy to lose “your feel” in the water. You may also not be hitting the same pace of last season right away. And that is okay! It can be frustrating to feel a sense of regression in your ability. However, it won’t be long before you regain your feel and speed in the water. 

Resetting Goals

Starting again means setting some new goals. You may have achieved or not achieved previous goals, so it is important to think about what you want out of this new time in the water. Reflecting on what went well and what needs to be worked on from the previous season can help you set your goals, and determine how to achieve them in the current season. It is also good to have patience when working on new goals. Getting back into shape doesn’t happen overnight, and it may be time before significant progress is made. 

Look At Your Equipment

Mold in your snorkel is no joke! After a period of disuse, your equipment may be dirty or corroded. Checking over all of your things before you start will prevent unpleasant surprises during practice. Having your pull buoy turn into powder is not a pleasant experience. Even your cap, goggles, and swim bag can melt or get crusty with misuse, or no use at all. To make sure you are ready to go, having good equipment is important! 

Returning to the Basics

Coming back to the water is a good way to return to basic skills. Just thinking about body line and technique can be helpful for reestablishing a good foundation. When you feel odd getting back in the water, the basics are a good way to reestablish a connection. Having a strong base to work with allows additional skills to be added later. 

What You Missed 

Coming back to swimming after time away may leave you surprised at some emotions. You may have forgotten the exact way that jumping in a cold pool in the middle of summer feels, or the rush of adrenaline you get during a set. These small things add up into how much we care and love working in the water. The great thing about a break is that you get to see something from a different perspective. Taking notice about the things that you enjoy, and maybe even things you haven’t enjoyed in your past, will help with motivation throughout the new season. 

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