4 TED Talks Every Swimmer Should Watch

Photo Courtesy: flickr, @urban_data

By Courtney Mykkanen, Swimming World College Intern.

Whether you’re looking for some motivation to be a better swimmer, or ways to become a better version of yourself, or just want a new perspective on life, TED Talks have it all. Unique individuals have given inspirational talks sharing their journey or perspective, leaving a positive impact on every listener. No matter the emphasis, there is always a takeaway to improve your swimming and all areas of life. Check out these “ideas worth spreading.”

1. Grit: The power of passion and perseverance

Angela Lee Duckworth shares her journey and what she learned while teaching seventh graders math before she became a psychologist. IQ was not the only difference separating the smartest students from the rest: there was something more involved. Her research focused on what makes someone successful and how the growth mindset contributes toward building grit.

2. Building your inner coach

Brett Ledbetter focuses on how character is what drives the process, and the process is what drives the end results. Your inner coach is used to build character, but it can also bring you down if you are not aware of how your negative thoughts are working against you. This video asks for a little self-reflection to realize the importance of staying in the present rather than stressing about the uncontrollable past or future. Knowing what you want to accomplish is important, but having a plan to achieve those end results and understanding the required character skills are equally, if not more, important. The process determines the results, and taking charge of the controllable things in your life will build a character with the skills needed for success.

3. How great leaders inspire action

Simon Sinek discusses how Apple, Martin Luther King, and The Wright brothers accomplished success because of how all of these leaders think, act and communicate. They were not afraid to challenge the status quo, while the majority of people would not try something new until it had already been tried. People who lead are inspirational, driven by a cause, and believe in the process. Finding people who believe in what you believe and want to work for the same purpose is what makes a successful team.

4. The skill of self confidence

Dr. Ivan Joseph claims that self confidence and self talk are two very important aspects for athletes and all people in their personal lives. The ability to practice and not take failure for an answer helps us to build self-confidence – the belief in oneself to accomplish something. We are often critical of ourselves and critical towards others because we want to fix our mistakes. However, we must learn to reaffirm ourselves and acknowledge what others do well. In his closing remarks he states, “No one will believe in you unless you do.”

These are only four of so many influential TED Talks available to watch. Make a positive impact on other people’s lives by sharing these videos with teammates, family, and friends.

-All commentaries are the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Swimming World Magazine nor its staff.

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Reply to  Pamela Emison

Thx Pam, very interesting! Good stuff.

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Debra Hill going to check these out for mental fitness mondays

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5 years ago

The psychology of helping you win a race that Is to you a very important race for you to win !
1) Be Totally Relaxed
2) Be Totally Focused
(I.e. Be alert and be totally
“in a zone” on exactly what you want to happen to win the race!

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5 years ago

At the risk of being self-promotional, here is another one, aimed more at the marathon swimming crowd. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6vSfYfqac5c

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Gannon Gordon Mennis

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Ellisia Baxter lets watch these together. X

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Clay Ellis je pense à vous??

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Andrew Eggersgluss these are great!

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I have young swimmers and I truly believe that confidence is 1/2 the battle (even when they have terrible swim meets) ?

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