38-Year-Old Nicholas Santos Breaks 50 Fly SCM World Record in Budapest

Nicholas Santos
Photo Courtesy: R-Sport / MIA Rossiya Segodnya

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The ageless Nicholas Santos broke the first world record of the night at the 2018 FINA World Cup in Budapest. The 38-year-old broke the 50 fly world record SCM with a 21.75 on Saturday afternoon in Budapest. Santos broke Steffen Deibler’s world record of 21.80 from the 2009 FINA World Cup in Berlin.

There are now eight SCM world records on the men’s side that still stand from the “super suit era.” Santos is the fourth swimmer to break 22 seconds in the 50 fly in short course meters. Santos also improved on his best time, which was a 22.08 from the 2014 Short Course World Championships in Doha.

Santos finished ahead of Chad Le Clos, who was second at 22.11 and Japan’s Kosuke Matsui, who was third at 22.62.

At first glance, Santos might be the oldest swimmer to ever break a world record in the sport of swimming.

World Record Progression:

  • Nicholas Santos, BRA, 21.75 (2018)
  • Steffen Deibler, GER, 21.80 (2009)
  • Amaury Leveaux, FRA, 22.18 (2008)
  • Amaury Leveaux, FRA, 22.29 (2008)
  • Matt Jaukovic, AUS, 22.50 (2008)
  • Kaio Almeida, BRA, 22.60 (2005)
  • Ian Crocker, USA, 22.71 (2004)
  • Geoff Huegill, AUS, 22.74 (2002)

All-Time Rankings:

  1. Nicholas Santos, BRA, 21.75 (2018)
  2. Steffen Deibler, GER, 21.80 (2009)
  3. Roland Schoeman, RSA, 21.87 (2009)
  4. Chad Le Clos, RSA, 21.95 (2014)
  5. Johannes Dietrich, GER, 22.07 (2009)
  6. Florent Manaudou, FRA, 22.09 (2014)
  7. Fred Bousquet, FRA, 22.17 (2009)
  8. Ben Proud, GBR, 22.18 (2017)

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    Tommy Lareau holy crap that’s fast

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    Wow he’s still competing at his age? Congrats ?

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    Hey, just let me retire, I will break this record when I am 70. What will you say then?