2019 Speedo Sectionals Jenks Day 1: Strong Showing for Greater Omaha

Photo Courtesy: Anna Luchenback

By Haley Wen, Swimming World College Intern.

The 2019 Speedo Sectionals Jenks kicked off with an evening full of action. The big theme was close finishes, with many pairs battling it out down to the wire for second, third, or even first place. This session left the Greater Omaha Aquatics Leopard team out ahead with 356 points, but it’s still anyone’s meet. The Flyers Aquatic Swim Team trail at 301.5 and the American Energy Swim Club is close behind with 294.5.

Women’s 800 Free

19 year old Audrey Coffey of Club Huskers took this event with a time of 8:54.98, followed by a close race for second between, Autumn Haebig, also from Club Huskers, and Jennifer Nusbaum of Kansas Aquatics. Ultimately Haebig came in second with a 8:58.42, while Nusbaum took third with a 8:58.52. Liberty Howell touched fourth with 9:00.04, followed by Peyton Palsha at 9:03.00, Catherine Callahan at 9:05.45, Rachel Powers at 9:06.30, and Alexis Ljunggren at 9:06.44.

Men’s 800 Free

Antonio Thomas of Missouri State University placed in first with a time of 8:20.49. Second place was Hunter Denison at 8:29.07, followed by a tight race for third between Ryan Baker and Luke ValleyBaker ended up with the third place spot with a time of 8:32.52, while Valley posted a 8:32.92. Fourth place was Alec Enyeart at 8:35.60, followed by Tait Harvey at 8:36.90, Evan Holt at 8:37.42, and Jonathan Novinski at 8:39.07.

Women’s 100 Free

Nusbaum and Howell got a chance to show off their sprinting skills here after their 800s in second and third respectively. Molly Moore of Springfield Aquatics won the event with a 56.99, while Nusbaum touched at 57.50 and Howell at 57.94. Allie Worrall touched close behind the top three at a 57.99, followed by Alyssa BloserZoe Thatcher at 58.63, Brady Kendall at 59.01 and Courtney Harris at 59.18.

Men’s 100 Free

Rockwood Swim Club’s Jack Dolan snatched the crown in this event with a time of 51.26, followed closely by Carter Nelson of Flyer’s Aquatics Swim Team. Third place went to Aleksei Hernandez-Nietling who made it to the wall with a time of 51.85. In fourth was Rush Clark with a 52.03, fifth was Eugene Li with a 52.40, just barely out-touching sixth place Kayde Cross who touched at 52.43. Seventh place went to George Glover (52.45) and eight place went to Daniel Wilson (53.11).

Women’s 200 Breast

Phillips 66 Splash Club’s Haley Downey and Katherine Seward were a one two punch in this event. Downey touched first at 2:33.49 while her teammate Seward touched at 2:33.90. Meanwhile, the race for third was a tight one between Aubree Brouwer and Hanna NewbyBrouwer beat out Newby by .06 seconds at 2:34.18 and 2:34.24 respectively. They were followed by Olivia Mendenhall (2:35.14), Audrey McKinnon (2:36.15), Victoria Beeler (2:38.69), and Anne Deedy (2:39.08).

Men’s 200 Breast

Conner Funke from Greater Omaha Aquatics crushed the field in prelims with a 2:19.77 and he proved just as dominant in finals, posting a 2:19.36. He was followed by Maxwell Boehnlein of Kansas City Blazers in second at 2:21.44. Luke Barr touched at 2:22.11 for third. Christopher Sprenger touched next at 2:22.65, just beating out Daniel Worth at 2:24.69. Barrett Troup came in at 2:25.14, Jay Mercer at 2:26.75, and Ryan Baker at 2:33.14.

Women’s 200 Back

Another Kansas Aquatics athlete ends up on top in the 200 back. This time it’s Elizabeth Amato-Hanner coming in with a time of 2:16.19. 16 year old Sydney Cole from Aquatic Club of Elkhorn swam in behind her for second with a 2:18.42. Cole led Zoe Thatcher of Flyer’s Aquatics Swim team by .4 seconds, as Thatcher posted a 2:18.82. Jessica Pentlarge placed after at 2:19.51, followed by Mackenzie Bravence (2:21.46), Eleni Kotzamanis (2:32.22), and Astrid Dirkzwager (2:25.28).

Men’s 200 Back

Benjamin Patton from Wichita Swim Club smashed his prelims time by 2.21 seconds to take the top spot in this final at a time of 2:05.41. Mateo Miceli of Sarpy County Swim Club also lowered his prelims time to take second at 2:05.98. Kevin Glenn followed to close out the top three with a time of 2:06.23. Next came Cooper Scharff with a 2:09.55, Jordan Coffey with a 2:09.85, Brenden Harris with a 2:11.85, Robert Hill with a 2:13.09, and Tristen Bowen with a 2:13.12.

Women’s 50 Fly

This race was a nail-biter, with only 1.07 seconds separating first place from eighth. In the final split seconds it came down to Aggie Swim Club’s Caroline Theil who surged from her second place prelims finish to win first with a time of 27.49. Second place belongs to the 14 year old Brady Kendall who touched the wall .03 seconds later at 27.52. Autumn Looney placed third at 27.64, followed by Kate McCarville (27.87). Next was Karisa Franz at 27.95, Tayde Sansores De La Fuent at 28.13, Kobie Melton at 28.17, and Greta Olsen at 28.56.

Men’s 50 Fly

1.07 seconds was also the small amount of time separating the Men’s 50 Fly field. The 16 year old Aiden Hayes of Sooner Swim Club was the winner, clocking in at 24.70. Micah Chambers was close behind, clocking in second at 24.79. These two were followed by Colin Lafave (24.86), Jason Schroeder (24.88), Daniel Wilson (24.96), Aleksi Hernandez (25.05), Rush Clark (25.360, and Benjamin Hines (25.77).

Women’s 200 Medley Relay

The first night of relays ended in a photo finish for second place. The “A” team from Springfield Aquatics secured first place with a time of 1:57.43. University of Arkansas Swimming (1:58.11) took the number two spot on the podium while Club Husker and American Energy Swim Club battled it out for third. Ultimately Club Husker touched third with a time of 1:59.34 while American Energy Swim Club swam a 1;59.50. The “A” squad from Greater Omaha followed with a 1:59.57, just behind.

Men’s 200 Medley Relay

The Greater Omaha Aquatics Leopard team slid into first place easily with a 1:43.50. Clocking in at 1:44.48 the Sarpy County Swim Club secured second place. Third went to the team from Sooner Swim Club with a time of 1:45.20. The top three were followed by Aquatic Club of Enid Swim Team at 1:46.12, and the Kansas City Blazers team with a 1:46.61.

Day 2 kicks off tomorrow with prelims in the morning at 9 a.m. CST and finals in the evening at 5 p.m. CST.


  1. avatar

    Christopher Sprenger swam a 2:22.65 to take 4th in 200 breast. It was his 1st Summer Jr. National cut.

  2. Vic Stawik

    Probably my favorite pool. Great team hosting!

  3. Denni Buckingham

    Emma’s team are just a few points behind the lead!

    • Cindy Fogle Johnson

      Chrissy Giddens George it was an awesome race! Cassie, Aubree, Kate and Molly represented us well!

  4. avatar

    Mateo Miceli swims for Sarpy County Swim Club

  5. Julie Hosier Barr

    Thank you Jill. He and a couple of his teammates are resting for Futures and Juniors so too bad of a showing today. Good luck to Amelia

    • Melissa Gornik Rossi

      Julie Hosier Barr did you see they have Mateo listed as Sugar Creek Swim Club? Oops!

  6. Phil Mitchell

    Jim Sharp why does the pool in this pic look like the old Jeff pool or at least very similar?

    • Jim Sharp

      Phil Mitchell it does, doesn’t it. That is a 50 meter pool. Our kids went to Cleveland this weekend that had those cuts. My breaststroke has cut in 100/200 breast but wanted to swim senior state. Inching closer to trials cut in both.

    • Phil Mitchell

      Jim Sharp yes I could tell it was 50 meters but it looked eerily similar to the Jeff pool with the exception of the electrinic scoreboard where some of the records would have been.

  7. Ann Kolb-Case

    Ashley Bryan you could take Mattie to this.

  8. Julie Hosier Barr

    I noticed that yesterday and responded to the article. Too funny.

  9. Cassie Brouwer

    Bridgette Mendenhall, Steve Brouwer Linda Scheer Moore Allison Hartman McCarville