2019 Speedo Sectionals Columbia Day 3: Hayes Picks Up Three More

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Photo Courtesy: Joe Buettner | The Transcript

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By Xonzy Gaddis, Swimming World College Intern.

The 2019 Region VIII Speedo Spring Sectional meet went into its third day today at the Mizzou Aquatic Center in Columbia, Missouri. The events featured tonight include the women’s and men’s 200 IM, the women’s and men’s 50 free, the women’s and men’s 200 breast, the women’s and men’s 100 back, the women’s and men’s 500 free, the men and women’s 50 fly and the women’s and men’s 400 medley relay.

After the second full day of competition, the leading eight teams of the competition are as follows:

1. Flyers Aquatic Swim Team – 1036.5

2. Empire KC Swim Club – 880

3. Parkway Swim Club –  851.5

4. Greater Omaha Aquatics Leopard – 747.5

5. American Energy Swim Club – 743

6. Columbia Swim Club – 741

7. CSP Tideriders – 727

8. Arkansas Dolphins Swim Team – 691

Women’s 200 IM

The clear winner of the women’s 200 IM came to be Kate McCarville of Springfield Aquatics with another win and a confident 2:00.51. In second place, Hanna Newby, from American Energy Swim Club with a 2:01.27 followed by Zoe Thatcher from Flyers Aquatic Swim Club with a strong finish of 2:02.19.

Allie Rogers of The Aquakids, Inc. came in fourth place with a 2:04.20, followed by member of Springfield Aquatics, Aubree Brouwer (2:05.79), Berkeley Livingston (2:05.90), Audrey McKinnon with Razorback Aquatic Club Aquahawg  hit a 2:06.69, and member of the Parkway Swim Club, Karisa Franz, took eighth place with a 2:08.34.

Men’s 200 IM

The men battled it out in the 200 IM. Ultimately, Alex Walton, from University of Missouri, took first place with a smashing 1:44.43. Right behind him came Benjamin Patton of Wichita Swim Club with a 1:48.70, and in third, Luke Davis, from American Energy Swim Club with a 1:48.85.

In fourth place came Austin Huskey from Columbia Swim Club with a 1:49.15, closely followed by Ryan Husband of the Northwest Arkansas Aquatics (1:52.31) , Ryan Downing of the Kansas City Blazers(1:53.70), Daniel Worth from Empire KC Swim Club (1:54.19), and bringing the race to a close with Noah Scheuermann from Parkway Swim Club in eighth place with a strong 1:54.21.

Women’s 50 Free

Isabella Cothern of Dart Frog Aquatics took the lead spot for the women’s 50 free with a quick 23.08. Cothern was followed by Reagan Cathcart of Flyers Aquatic Swim Club, hitting a 23.15, and Lauren Votava of Rockwood Swim Club in third place with a 23.25.

Abigail Karl of Empire KC Swim Club came in fourth place with a 23.39, followed by Courtney Harris of Rec Plex (23.56), Casaundra Moses of Springfield Aquatics (23.66), Autumn Looney (23.71), and Mara Manion of Columbia Swim Club in eighth place with 23.82.

Men’s 50 Free

Young Aiden Hayes of Sooners Swim Club came back again tonight to dominate the men’s 50 free with a whopping 19.73. Hayes was followed by Carter Nelson of Flyer Aquatic Swim Club hitting a 20.48, and in third place came Ty Wingfield of The Aquakids, Inc. with a 20.68.

Fourth place was swept up by Jason Schroeder of Aquatic Club of Enid with a 20.70. followed by Benjamin Hines of Berzerker Swimming (20.74), Caleb Musser of Empire KC Swim club (20.90), Kledi Kadiu of the CSP Tideriders (20.97), and John Paul Hynes of the Kansas City Blazers took eighth place with 21.08.

Women’s 200 Breast

Hanna Newby of the American Energy Swim Club grabbed first in the women’s 200 breast with a 2:11.84. Audrey McKinnon of Razorback Aquatic Club Aquahawg took second place with a 2:15.32 and Springfield Aquatics team member, Aubree Brouwer took third place with a 2:15.85.

Olivia Mendenhall of Springfield Aquatics took fourth place with a 2:17.15, followed by Madeline Huggins of Saluki Swim Club (2:18.85), Jocelyn Randby of Greater Omaha Aquatics Leopard (2:19.68), Empire KC Swim club member, Anne Deedy (2:20.19), and in eighth place came Sarah Vogt of Columbia Swim club with a 2:20.87.

Men’s 200 Breast

The men’s 200 breast came quite close between Luke Barr of Sarpy County Swim Club and Daniel Worth of Empire KC Swim club, but in the end Barr took first with 1:59.18, three hundredths ahead of Worth’s stunning 1:59.21. In third place, Dane Flores of University of Missouri touched the wall at 1:59.87.

Benjamin Patton took 2:00.69 holding fourth place, followed by Noah Otsuka of Andover YMCA All-Stars(2:01.61), Kledi Kadiu (2:04.15), Ryan Downing (2:05.88), and Ryan Baker of Parkway Swim Club took eighth place with 2:06.27.

Women’s 100 Back

Isabella Pantano of Greater Omaha Aquatics Leopard ended up picking up first place in the 100 back with a quick 54.65. Followed by Pantano, Abigail Karl took second place with 54.86, and Mara Manion took third place with 55.48.

In fourth place came Allie Rogers with 56.19, followed by a tie between Astrid Dirkzwager of Wichita Swim Club and Elizabeth Richardson of Greater Omaha Aquatics Leopard with a 56.46, Georgia Clark of TST with 56.64, and Casaundra Moses took eighth place with 57.25.

Men’s 100 Back

Aiden Hayes fought for another win in the men’s 100 back, touching in at 47.48. Jack Dolan of Rockwood Swim Club came in second place with a solid 47.70 and Cole Junker of Seahawks Swim Club stole third place with a 49.28.

Cole Junker of Seahawks Swim Club took fourth place with a 49.28, followed by Noah Woollweever (49.43), Ross Pantano of Greater Omaha Aquatics Leopard (49.49), Rush Clark of Greater Omaha Aquatics Leopard (49.77), Kevin Glenn of the Kansas City Blazers (50.06), and finishing it off with Noah Witzki of Tsunami Swim Team of KC touching in at 50.48.

Women’s 500 Free

Zoe Thatcher took another win, this time in the women’s 500 freestyle with a 4:51.21. Thatcher was followed by Kate McCarville in second place with a 4:52.69 and Grace Beahan of Columbia Swim Club in third place with a 4:53.23.

In fourth place came Northwest Arkansas Aquatics team member, Madeline Marks with 4:59.04, followed by Paige Mitchell of CSP Tideriders (4:59.15), Addison Barnes of COOL (5:03.75), Berkeley Livingston (5:05.13), and Joanna Dohrman of the CSP Tideriders in eighth place with a 5:10.95.

Men’s 500 Free

The 500 free was stolen by John Dubois of University of Missouri with a whopping ten second lead, going a 4:17.03. Dubois was followed by Evan Holt of Club North Swimming in second place with a 4:27.96, and Christopher Callan of Trident Aquatics Club with a 4:29.14 in third place.

Ryan Baker dropped a 4:30.94 and took fourth place, followed by Jonathan Hill of Club North Swimming (4:31.55), Vincent Jaworski of Arkansas Dolphins Swim Team (4:36.69), Jonah Park of Kansas City Blazers (4:37.76), and Noah Scheuermann with a 4:43.06, sweeping in for eighth place.

Women’s 50 Fly

The women’s 50 fly was quite close, considering each lady was only hundredths off the other. Ultimately, Autumn Looney took first place with 24.87. Looney was followed by Emily O’Connell of Rockwood Swim Club with 24.89, and Isabella Cothern took third place with a quick 24.95.

In fourth place came Lydia Lafferty of American Energy Swim club with a 24.98, followed by Karisa Franz (25.45), Sydney Perry of Splash Club, Inc. (25.75), member of Wichita Aqua Shocks, Zoe Winter (25.76), and in eighth place, Greater Omaha Aquatics Leopard’s Payton Hall with a 25.95.

Men’s 50 Fly

Jack Dolan flew into the wall for the 50 fly with a 21.61, taking first place. In second place came Daniel Wilson of Sooner Swim Club with a 21.72 and in third place swam Jason Schroeder with a 21.78.

Schroeder was followed by Rush Clark in third place with a 22.15, in fifth, William Ingram of American Energy Swim Club with a 22.22, followed by Micah Chambers of Aquatic Club of Enid(22.34), Maximian Hernandez-Nietling (22.57), and Noah Witzki of Tsunami Swim Team of KC right behind him in eighth place with a 22.58.

Women’s 400 Medley Relay

This morning, Springfield Aquatics took first place in the women’s 400 medley with a dominating 3:44.01. Maggie Moore led with a 57.19 in the 100 back, followed by Aubree Brouwer’s quick 1:01.25 breaststroke, Kate MacCarville’s fast 54.35 100 fly, and finishing off with freestyle, Casaundra Moses touched in with a 51.22 100 free. Springfield Aquatics was followed by Columbia Swim Club in second place with 3:49.14 and in third place came the Arkansas Dolphins Swim Team with a 3:49.94.

In fourth place came Parkway Swim Club with a 3:50.33, followed by Greater Omaha Aquatics Leopard (3:51.06), American Energy Swim Club (3:51.32), CSP Tideriders (3:51.56), and Flyers Aquatic Swim Team came in eighth with 3:52.13.

Men’s 400 Medley Relay

The men’s 400 medley relay was won by the Sooner Swim Club with an amazing time of 3:20.47. Aiden Hayes led the pack in backstroke with a 47.42, followed by teammate Caleb Sullivan in breaststroke with 58.52, Daniel Wilson in the fly with a 49.03, and Jonathan Tang brought it home with a speedy 45.50.

The Sooners were followed by Sarpy County Swim Club taking fourth place with 3:21.54, Greater Omaha Aquatics Leopard (3:22.26), Empire KC Swim Club (3:22.32), American Energy Swim Club (3:22.54), Kansas City Blazers (3:23.26), Parkway Swim Club (3:24.46), and in eighth place, Aquatic Club of Enid with a 3:25.73.

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