2019 Speedo Sectional Rochester Day 2: Scottsdale Women, Glenbrook Men Surge Ahead


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By Ryan Gibbons, Swimming World College Intern.

The second night of the 2019 Rochester Speedo Sectionals (the Central Zone Section 1 Championships) saw the Scottsdale women and Glenbrook men take leads, with Scottsdale in first in the combined competition as well. The evening featured the 400 Free, 100 Back, 100 Breat, 100 Free, and 200IM.

Behind the Scottsdale women’s 270 points were Commonwealth (148 points), Empire (114 points), Badger (66.5 points), and Sioux Falls (60 points). Trailing the Glenbrook men’s 228 point lead were Empire (138 points), Scottsdale (133 points), Rochester (104 points), and Bloomington Normal (59 points).

Women’s 400 Free

Ashley Strouse of Scottsdale Aquatics Club carried over her 800 Free Sectional championship from Thursday’s timed finals to take the 400 Free title as well, finishing in a 4:15.75. Behind her were Commonwealth’s Natalie Mannion at a 4:22.10, and PPSC’s Emily Ecker with a 4:25.88.

Also in the top eight were Meghan Susil of EISF (4:26.64), Kara Church of Scottsdale (4:26.76), Sahar Mumtaz of Commonwealth (4:32.82), Audrey Repko of EISF (4:34.37), and Macy Rink of BNSC (4:37.48).

Men’s 400 Free

FSC’s Christian Heeden took a close win in a 4:05.27, just edging out Dylan Moffatt‘s 4:05.41 (unattached). Third went to GSC’s Brendan Forrest, whose 4:07.48 placed third.

Behind them were Sami Moussally of GSC (4:08.94), Sean Dwyer of STRM (4:09.09), Aiden Wilson of EAST (4:09.64), Elias Petri of RSC (4:13.38), and Daniel Matheson of SAC (4:14.05).

Women’s 100 Back

Commonwealth’s Natalie Mannion took first in the first sprint event of the meet, touching in at 1:03.18. Second went to Scottsdale’s Greer Pattison, who finished in a 1:03.92, just ahead of FOXJ’s Chloe Skogg (1:04.33).

Rounding out the Championship Final were GSC’s Michelle Kaner (1:04.61), BAC’s Anna Teduits (1:05.63), USSD’s Arabella Shepard (1:06.48), and EAST’s Mary Rotenberg (1:06.55). (NSAC’s Pyper Doo was disqualified.)

Men’s 100 Back

Ryan Purdy of GSC took a commanding win, with his 57.37 finishing far ahead of the pack. Second went to Liam Bergerson of BLA (59.87), who was followed by Scottsdale’s Parker Hughes (1:00.37).

ICE’s James Pinter (1:01.07), WCS’s Kyle Wolford (1:01.23), FOXJ’s Keegan Duffy (1:01.82), and HURR’s Charlie Crosby (1:02.10) closed out the A Final (EAST’s Timothy Cushman was DQ’ed).

Women’s 100 Breast

CIA’s Gillian Davey took the win with a 1:12.51, finishing just ahead of Ava Franks of EAST (1:12.97). Third place went to Scottsdale’s Sadie Edwards (1:13.10).

Behind them were EAST’s Josephine Panitz (1:14.74), SAC’s Riley Courtney (1:15.23), BLA’s Molly Urkiel and BAC’s Alexandra Anagnostopoulos tying at 1:15.26, and LMST’s Hayley Kimmel (1:15.91).

Men’s 100 Breast

GSC continued their stroke wins in the men’s meet with Max Iida stopping the clock at a 1:04.39, ahead of EAST’s John Kelly (1:05.98) and SPS’s Ben Wiegand (1:07.19).

Closing out the top eight were MTKA’s Nicholas Kale (1:07.96), BNSC’s Robert Pratt (1:07.99), SAC’s Aaron Rosen (1:09.06), and GSC teammates Jackson Hogue (1:19.17) and Kyle Hathaway (1:09.66).

Women’s 100 Free

In her third freestyle win of the meet, Scottsdale’s Ashley Strouse took the race in a 57.36, just ahead of NSAC’s Pyper Doo (57.59). Close behind was Katie Pardy of SFST, whose 58.43 narrowly edged out SAC’s Greer Pattison (58.48) for third.

Also in the Championship Final were SFST’s Corrine Pelzer (59.73), BNSC’s Macy Rink (1:00.17), ASC’s Bryanna Bellile (1:00.32), and PPSC’s Emily Ecker (1:00.39).

Men’s 100 Free

Garrett Clasen of WCS took the men’s race in a commanding 53.03, half a second ahead of the pack. Behind him, Sean Dwyer of STRM touched out SAC’s Parker Hughes, with 53.62 and 53.63, respectfully.

Close behind were Timothy Cushman of EAST (53.92), GSC teammates Jacob Shapiro (53.98) and Sami Moussally (54.19), SWAT’s Will Lennertz (54.22), and GSC’s Michael Hadjiivanov (54.47).

Women’s 200 IM

Gillian Davey of CIA closed out the women’s evening with a 2:21.39 win, ahead of Commmonwealth’s Eliza Brown (2:21.84) and LMST’s Hayley Kimmel (2:22.14).

Rounding out the Final was also Sadie Edwards of SAC (2:22.40), Anna Ogren of RSC (2:25.82), Josephine Panitz of EAST (2:27.64), Riley Courtney of SAC (2:27.86), and Macy Rink of BNSC (2:29.90).

Men’s 200 IM

GSC’s Ryan Purdy took the last Sectional championship of the men’s night with a 2:07.07 finish ahead of teammate Max Iida (2:07.68). Behind them was CIA’s Andrew Reiter, rounding out the top three in a 2:11.55.

Also in the top heat was Aidan Shue of RSC (2:13.54), Aaron Rosen of SAC (2:15.16), Aidan Wilson of EAST (2:15.33), and Sean Dwyer of STRM (2:20.20) (following a disqualification).