2019 Colonial Athletic Association Championship: 3 Ties on Day 3

Photo Courtesy: Twitter @JMUSwimDive 02/22/2019

Grace Nordquist, Swimming World College Intern.

Day three of four of the CAA Championships meet consisted of the 400 IM, 100 Fly, 200 Free, 100 Breast, 100 Back, 400 Medley Relay, and Men’s 3-Meter diving. It was another day of close racing, with three ties, and more CAA records broken.

It will be an exciting last day to see who takes home gold on the women’s side with only two points separating William & Mary and James Madison. On the men’s side, William & Mary is running away with first, over 100 points ahead of Drexel in second, going into the final day of the CAA Championship meet.


Photo Courtesy: twitter, @CAAsports

Team Standings:


William & Mary: 442

James Madison: 440

Towson: 362.5

UNC-Wilmington: 275.5

Drexel: 270.5

Northeastern: 241.5

Delaware: 205 



William & Mary: 623.5

Drexel: 498

UNC-Wilmington: 422.5

Towson: 380

Delaware: 102



Photo Courtesy: Twitter, @CAAsports

Women’s 400 IM

Kyra Schemmel of UNC-Wilmington wins the 400 IM with a time of 4:19.78, the first title in the event for her school since 1999. Julia Bland (W&M) finishes second in 4:20.43 just ahead of April Forsthoffer (Drexel) at 4:20.47. Catherine Erwin (Delaware) takes fourth, with Morgan Smith (W&M) in fifth, Hannah Lagod (JMU) sixth, Gabby Zhang (W&M) seventh, and Suzannah Mills (Towson) eighth.


Men’s 400 IM

William & Mary men dominate the 400 IM with Ben Skopic leading in a time of 3:49.71, a NCAA B cut, just short of the CAA meet record. Teammates Chris Bablo and Carter Kale come in at 3:51.68 and 3:53.73, five seconds ahead of fourth place’s John Klein (Drexel). Jon Ransom (Drexel) and Graham Cooper (UNC-Wilmington) tie for fifth, with George Vlahos (UNC-Wilmington) taking seventh, and Brent Hoshall (UNC-Wilmington) eighth.


Women’s 100 Fly

Freshmen Morgan Whaley (JMU) takes first in a time of 54.21, exactly one second short of the CAA meet record. Tessa Hayman (Delaware) drops over a second from prelims to claim second in 54.65 and teammate Mina Feyrer takes third in 54.94. Katie Sell (W&M) finishes fourth, Maria Oceguera (W&M) fifth, Maddi Mangum (Towson) and Charlott Myers (Drexel) tie for sixth, and Tara Goss (Towson) eighth.


Men’s 100 Fly

After winning the 200 IM last night, with a new CAA all-time record and a NCAA B cut, Senior Jack Saunderson (Towson) is back tonight to claim his third title in the 100 fly. Finishing in a time of 46.53 he makes another NCAA B cut. Jack Doherty (W&M) also gets a NCAA B cut in a time of 46.99, with Paris Raptis (Drexel) finishing third in 47.58. Ian Thompson (W&M) finishes fourth, Joe Short (Drexel) fifth, Noah Cahan (UNC-Wilmington) sixth, Cannor Forsythe (UNC-Wilmington) seventh, and Evan Baker (W&M) eighth. 


Women’s 200 Free

After her outstanding finish in Wednesday’s 800 Free Relay, Bonnie Zhang (JMU) did not disappoint in her open 200. She finished first with an NCAA B cut, and an CAA all-time record of 1:45.21. Megan Bull (W&M) was second in 1:48.15, Megan Clark (Northeastern) third at 1:48.47, Annema Schnoor (Towson) fourth, Evan Arsenault (UNC-Wilmington) fifth, Tara Tiernan (W&M) sixth, Jillian Breeger (JMU) seventh, and Julianna Jones (JMU) eighth.


Men’s 200 Free

Colin Wright (W&M) will claim first with an NCAA B cut time of 1:36.10, Christopher Pfuhl (W&M) was second in 1:37.38 just ahead of Eric Grimes (W&M) at 1:37.92 for third. Jack Cosgrove (UNC-Wilmington) takes fourth, Patrick Cobb (Drexel) fifth, Evan Brophy (Towson) sixth, Ryan Baldino (Towson) seventh, and Matthew Essing (Towson) eighth.


Women’s 100 Breast


Photo Courtesy: Twitter, @joeyd812

Jacalyn Schoening (Towson) defends her title in a time of 1:01.58, getting a NCAA B cut along with teammate Amanda Rosa (Towson) who was right behind in 1:01.81. Gabrielle Rudy (Drexel) takes third in 1:02.03, Megan Marsh (JMU) fourth, Klara Juliusson (Northeastern) fifth, Meagan Johnson (UNC-Wilmington) sixth, Taylor Draganosky (Delaware) seventh, and Megan Sicinski (Drexel) eighth.


Men’s 100 Breast

It was a close battle for first, Gianmichel D’Alessandro (UNC-Wilmington) claiming the title in 54.40 with both Ralph Cannarozzi (Drexel) and Devin McNulty (W&M) only .01 off, as the two tie for second in 54.41. Ian Bidwell (W&M) takes fourth, Josh Rigsbee (UNC-Wilmington) fifth, Harrison Schultz (Drexel) sixth, Brooke Peterson (W&M), seventh, and Brandon Evers (Delaware) eighth.


Women’s 100 Back

Alexa Kutch (Drexel) will win her third title in a row with a time of 54.11. Haley Sutton (Towson) takes second in 54.60, and Paige Assaid (JMU) third at 54.90. Maddi Mangum (Towson) fourth, Anna Kenna (W&M) fifth, Alicia Diaz (Drexel) sixth,  Sonora Baker (W&M) seventh, and Bailey Smith (Northeastern) eighth.


Men’s 100 Back

Colin Demers (W&M) will take first in a time of 48.04. Jason Arthur (Drexel) hits the wall in 48.27 to claim second, and Owen Robinson (Towson) third in 48.54. Jake Kealy (W&M) goes fourth, Lee Bradley (W&M) fifth, Kiran Richardson (Drexel) sixth, Jack Galbraith (W&M) seventh, and Zach Bishop (Towson) eighth.


Men’s 3 Meter Diving

Towson’s Will Canny takes first with 320.70 points, an NCAA A cut. Behind him was Anthony Musciano with 277.85 points, and Dillon Hall close behind with 277.35 points. Fourth was Devin Gaul, fifth Trent Igoe, sixth Theloni Rowley, and seventh Greg Buckley.


Women’s 400 Medley Relay

A three-way battle for first between JMU, Drexel, and Towson ended in JMU touching first, but getting disqualified for a false start. Drexel’s team of Alexa Kutch, Gab Rudy, Charlotte Myers, and Alicia Diaz would take gold with a time of 3:41.22 and Towson’s Haley Sutton, Jacalyn Shoening, Maddi Mangum, and Annemarie Schnoor right behind in second with 3:41.70. W&M takes third, UNC Wilmington fourth, Northeastern fifth, and Delaware sixth.


Men’s 400 Medley Relay

William & Mary’s Colin Demers, Devin McNulty, Jack Doherty, and Colin Wright take first with a time of 3:11.06 to break the CAA all time record by over two seconds. In second with a time of 3:13.69 was Drexel’s Jason Arthur, Ralph Cannarozzi , Paris Raptis, Kiran Richardson. Taking third was Towson, fourth UNC-Wilmington, and fifth Delaware.