2016 Paralympic Games: Day 6 Finals Live Recap

Photo Courtesy: Kevin McCarthy

Everything you need to follow along live with day six finals of the 2016 Paralympic Games. Hit refresh for all the latest coverage.

Men’s 400 Free–S6

Francesco Bocciardo of Italy outlasted the competition in finals of the men’s 400 free, stopping the clock at the 5:02.15 mark.

Thijs van Hofweegen of The Netherlands claimed silver with a time of 5:07.82, while Cuba’s Lorenzo Perez Escalona took third with a 5:14.44.

Brazil’s Talisson Glock finished fourth overall with a 5:17.24, ahead of China’s Luo Jinbiao’s 5:21.34.

Australia’s Matthew Haanappel (5:28.95), New Zealand’s Hamich McLean (5:30.63), and China’s Yang Hong (5:33.71) rounded out the top eight.

Women’s 400 Free–S6

In a Paralympic record time Yelyzaveta Mereshko of Ukraine finished in 5:17.01. China’s Lingling Song joined her on the podium in 5:21.37 and Eleanor Simmonds was in the bronze place in 5:24.97.

Simmonds’ British teammate Ellie Robinson was fourth in 5:27.53. Ukraine’s Viktoriia Sactsova (5:36.07) finished fifth. Mexico’s Vianney Trejo Delgadillo (5:48.19), Italy’s Emanuela Romano (5:51.05) and Ireland’s Nicole Turner (5:54.61) completed the top eight.

Men’s 200 IM– SM7

Ukraine continued to be a dominant power this week as Ievgenii Bogodaiko finished in 2:30.72 for a Paralympic and world record. Rudy Garcia-Tolson of the USA won silver in 2:33.87 and Australia’s Matthew Levy was awarded bronze with a 2:36.99. Only .07 off the medal stand was Colombia’s Carlos Serrano Zarate in 2:37.08. China’s Jiangang Wang was just behind him in 2:38.30.

Germany’s Tobias Pollap (2:45.40), Italy’s Valerio Taras (2:47.27), and Norway’s Andreas Skaar Bjornstad (2:48.06) completed the final.

Women’s 200 IM– SM7

Nikita Howarth was the only swimmer under three minutes. The New Zealand swimmer claimed gold in 2:57.29. Canada’s Tess Routliffe (3:02.05) and USA’s Cortney Jordan (3:04.17) took home silver and bronze.

Ying Zhang of China finished fourth with a 3:09.28. Two seconds behind her was Canada’s Sarah Mehain (3:11.16).

Arianna Talamona (3:16.97) of Italy and Judit Rolo Marichal (3:39.68) of Spain finished sixth and seventh. Brazil’s Veronica Almeida was disqualified.

Men’s 100 Freestyle– S10

Ukraine won another event tonight as Maksym Krypak hit the wall in 51.08. Just behind him were a pair of swimmers from the host nation: Andre Brasil (51.37) and Phelipe Rodrigues (51.48). Only .06 from a medal was Ukraine’s Denys Dubrov in 51.54. His teammate Dmytro Vanzenko (54.03) finished sixth.

Australia’s Rowan Crothers (52.17) was fifth.

Canada’s Nathan Stein (54.43) and the Netherlands’ Olivier Van de Voort (55.04) were seventh and eighth.

Women’s 100 Freestyle– S10

Two swimmers were under a minute tonight. Leading the way was Aurelie Rivard. The Canadian stopped the clock in 59.31, a half second ahead of Sophie Pascoe of New Zealand in 59.85. France’s Elodie Lorandi (1:01.13) completed the podium.

Also coming into the wall in 1:01 was Yi Chen of China in 1:01.76.

A trio of 1:02’s came from Lisa Kruger and Marije Oosterhuis of the Netherlands and Mariana Ribeiro of Brazil as they finished in 1:02.67, 1:02.78, and 1:02.75 respectively.

Completing the final was Steffany Rubi Cristino Zapata (1:03.54) of Mexico.

Men’s 100 Breaststroke– SB11

Another world record fell this Games as Bozun Yang stopped the clock in 1:10.08. The Chinese man finished ahead of the USA’s Tharon Drake (1:11.50) and Japan’s Keiichi Kimura (1:12.88) who also finished on the podium.

Ukraine’s Oleksandr Mashchenko (1:13.53) and Viktor Smyrnov (1:15.69) were fourth and fifth. Finishing in sixth place was Brayan Urbano Herrera of Columbia with a 1:19.27. The Czech Republic’s Miroslav Smrcka (1:21.92) and Cuba’s Yunerki Ortega (1:27.45) rounded out the final.

Women’s 100 Breaststroke– SB11

Another Chinese swimmer took down Paralympic and world records on the way to gold. Xiaotong Zhang posted a 1:23.02 for victory. In 1:25.81 the Netherlands’ Liesette Bruinsma (1:25.81) won silver while bronze went to Sweden’s Maja Reichard in 1:26.60.

Ukraine’s Yana Berezhna (1:28.04) and Argentina’s Nadia Baez (1:35.51) were fourth and fifth. Completing the final were Lettivia Martinez (1:38.22) of the USA and Martina Rabbolini (1:38.81) of Italy.

Men’s 100 Breaststroke– SB12

Uladzimir Izotau of Belarus finished in a 1:06.82 for the Paralympic record. In second was Dzmitry Salei of Azerbajjan with a 1:08.80. Only two tenths behind him Maksym Veraksa of Ukraine claimed bronze in 1:09.00.

Finishing less than a quarter second off the podium in 1:09.17 was Anuar Akhmetov of Kazakhstan. Sergii Klippert of Ukraine edged Colombia’s Daniel Giraldo Correa 1:10.55 to 1:10.56. Germany’s Daniel Simon (1:12.08) and Italy’s Fabrizio Sottile (1:13.92) finished seventh and eighth.

Men’s 100 Backstroke –S8

Yet another Paralympic and world record duo came crashing down by way of a Chinese swimmer. Cong Zhou raced to a 1:02.90. Oliver Hynd of Britain posted a 1:04.46 and American Robert Griswold finished third in 1:04.68 for bronze.

Ukrainians Iurii Bozhynskyi (1:06.21) and Bohdan Hryneko (1:06.24) finished back to back. Pipo Carlomagno of Argentina placed sixth in 1:07.33. Seventh and eighth went to Australia’s Jesse Aungles (1:09.47) and Denmark’s Niels Mortensen (1:09.62).

Women’s 100 Backstroke –S8

Stephanie Millward of Great Britain was dominant, finishing in Paralympic record time of 1:13.02. Australia’s Maddison Elliott finished second in 1:17.16 while Jessica Long of the USA was also on the podium with a 1:18.12. Just missing a medal was Lakeisha Patterson (1:18.27) of Australia. Britain’s Stephanie Slater was also in the hunt at the halfway mark, but finished fifth with a 1:19.42.

The Netherlands’ Cleo Keijzer (1:22.09), China’s Weiyuan Lu (1:22.17) and American Elizabeth Marks (1:22.67) rounded out the final.

Men’s 50 Freestyle –S9

Two swimmers cleared 26 seconds. Getting to the wall first was Matthew Wylie of Great Britain in 25.95. Silver went to Timothy Disken in 25.99. Only .01 behind was Takuro Yamada in 26.00. Just missing out on a medal was Hungary’s Tamas Sors with his 26.04.

The rest of the heat was a tight bunch as well. In 26.11 Spain’s Jose Antonio Mari Alcaraz finished fifth. Just .07 behind with a 26.18 was Hungary’s Tamas Toth. Brazil’s Ruiter Silva (26.62) and Great Britain’s Ryan Crouch (26.76) completed the final.

Women’s 50 Freestyle –S9

After setting a Paralympic and world record in last night’s 100, Michell Konkoly notched the Paralympic record in tonight’s 50. The American got her hand to the wall first in 28.29. Ellie Cole of Australia went a 29.13 for silver while China’s Jiexin Wang picked up bronze in 29.30. Just .03 off the medal stand was Emily Beecroft (29.33) from Australia.

The rest of the field also finished under 30. Spain’s Sarai Gascon (29.39) and Nuria Marques Soto (29.80) were fifth and eighth.

China’s Ping Lin (29.62) and Australia’s Ashleigh Mcconnell (29.63) battled to sixth and seventh.

Men’s 50 Freestyle–S3

Yet another Paralympic and World record were wiped from the books this evening. China’s Wenpan Huang finished in 39.24 to take down both marks. His teammate Hanhua Li joined him on the podium with a bronze earning 42.18. Between the two was Dmytro Vynohradets’ in 41.41.

Jianping Du of china finished fourth in 45.62. Italy’s Vincenzo Boni was a 47.32 for fifth.

Spain’s Miguel Angel Martinez Tajuelo (50.90), Greece’s Ioannis Kostakis (53.95) and Sweden’s Mikael Fredriksson (55.74) also raced in tonight’s final.

Men’s 200 Freestyle–S4

Gi Seong Jo of Korea led the way by nearly a second and a half at the 100 mark. He came home strong to finish in 3:01.67. Michael Schoenmaker of the Netherlands finished in 3:03.81 for silver, just ahead of China’s Zhipeng Jin in 3:03.94.

In 3:05.02 Slovenia’s Darko Duric was fourth. with a 3:06.39 France’s David Smetanine finished fifth. Gustavo Sanchez Martinez (3:10.58) of Mexico, the Czech Republic’s Jan Povysil (3:15.72), and Ukraine’s Andrii Derevinskyi (3:17.53) rounded out the final.