2015 World University Games: Day 2 Prelims Live Recap

Jun 21, 2014; Santa Clara, CA, USA; Start of heat two of the Women's 50M Freestyle during the preliminary heats at George F. Haines International Aquatic Center. Mandatory Credit: Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Courtesy: Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

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Men’s 200 free

USA’s Reed Malone led the way in the men’s 200-meter free prelims with a time of 1:48.31.  That’s nearly a lifetime best, trailing a trio of 1:47s including a 1:47.41 from last summer’s senior nationals.

Malone has some ground to make up to break into the top 10 in the world of 1:46.65 owned by Calum Jarvis, and definitely is going to have a tough time matching Danila Izotov’s meet record of 1:44.87 from 2013.

Switzerland’s Alex Haldemann qualified second this morning with a time of 1:48.80, while Japan’s Naito Ehara snared third in 1:49.34.

USA’s Clay Youngquist (1:49.36), Italy’s Marco Belotti (1:49.41), Australia’s Jacob Hansford (1:49.50), Italy’s Gianluca Maglia (1:49.55) and New Zealand’s Ewan Jackson (1:49.58) rounded out the top eight.

Russia’s Mikhail Polishchuk (1:49.64), Ireland’s Jordan Sloan (1:49.69), Japan’s Reo Sakata (1:49.86), China’s Qian Zhiyong (1:50.06), South Korea’s Junehyuck Yang (1:50.44), Russia’s Dmitrii Ermakov (1:50.78), France’s Simon Guerin (1:50.79) and China’s He Tianqi (1:50.86) all broke 1:51 to make semifinals.

Women’s 100 breast

Japan’s Mina Matsushima was the only swimmer to break 1:08 during prelims as she led qualifying with a time of 1:07.95.  She’s been faster this year with a 19th-ranked 1:07.61 from the Japan Open, and should challenge that time during semis and finals.

Matsushima, however, will have a hard time dropping under the meet record of 1:05.48 set by Russia’s Yuliya Efimova back in 2013.

Russia’s Natalia Ivaneeva qualified second in the morning with a 1:08.05, while Ireland’s Fiona Doyle snared the third seed in 1:08.07.

Italy’s Ilaria Scarcella (1:08.27), Australia’s Jessica Hansen (1:08.32), USA’s Lilly King (1:08.44), Japan’s Miku Kanasashi (1:08.63) and Ukraine’s Mariia Liver (1:08.70) comprised the rest of the top eight qualifiers.

South Africa’s Franko Jonker (1:09.01), South Africa’s Tara-Lynn Nicholas (1:09.05), USA’s Emma Reaney (1:09.12), Germany’s Laura Simon (1:09.12), Italy’s Martina Carraro (1:09.41), Ireland’s Sycerika McMahon (1:09.45), Great Britain’s Kathryn McMahon (1:09.45) and Australia’s Aisling Scott (1:09.65) will also transfer to the semis.

Men’s 200 IM

Japan clinched the top seed in another event as Keita Sunama hit the wall in 2:00.53 in the men’s 200-meter IM – the only competitor to break 2:01 this morning.

USA’s Josh Prenot put up an easy speed second-seeded time of 2:01.37, while Great Britain’s Max Litchfield snared the third seed in 2:01.49.

Alex Vanderkaay’s meet record of 1:57.58 from back in 2009 is likely out of reach.

Australia’s Travis Mahoney (2:01.52), USA’s Kyle Whitaker (2:01.82), Australia’s Justin James (2:01.89), Japan’s Takeharu Fujimori (2:02.16) and Latvia’s Uvis Kalnins (2:02.27) qualified fourth through eighth.

Italy’s Giorgio Gaetani (2:02.44), Austria’s Jakub Maly (2:02.50), Czech’s Pavel Janecek (2:02.58), Russia’s Dmitrii Gorbunov (2:02.67), Canada’s Tristan Cote (2:02.91), Russia’s Ivan Trofimov (2:03.05), Italy’s Damiano Lestingi (2:03.35) and South Korea’s Wonyong Jung (2:03.91) will also vie for finals spots as part of semis.

Women’s 100 free

Team USA went 1-2, which makes sense after the dominant win in the women’s 400-meter free relay last night.

Abbey Weitzeil checked in with a top seed of 54.97, just off her relay leadoff time of 54.78 from last night.

She has some work to do to challenge Aleksandra Gerasimenya’s 2013 meet record of 53.50.

Shannon Vreeland punched the wall in 55.36 to take the second seed, while Slovakia’s Katarina Listopadova wound up third in 55.75.

Japan’s Yui Yamane (55.85), Austria’s Birgit Koschischek (55.87), Australia’s Ami Matsuo (55.94), Italy’s Laura Letrari (56.00) and Russia’s Rozaliya Nasretdinova (56.07) closed out the top eight qualifiers.

Russia’s Margarita Nesterova (56.23), China’s Zhang Jiaqi (56.37), Canada’s Caroline Lapierre Lemire (56.40), Germany’s Alina Weber (56.40), Sweden’s Nathalie Lindborg (56.43), China’s Tang Yi (56.45), Canada’s Hannah Riordan (56.52) and Germany’s Paulina Schmiedel (56.70) also earned spots in semis.

Women’s 1500 free

Pre-meet favorite Martina Rita Caramignoli of Italy definitely lived up to the hype.

Caramignoli came into the meet with a 12th-ranked season best of 16:12.44 from the Sette Colli Trophy meet earlier this summer.

This morning, she claimed the top seed with a time of 16:21.17.  Look for her to drop some major time in finals, and potentially rival Stephanie Peacock’s meet record of 16:04.44 from 2013.

USA’s Lindsay Vrooman raced her way to the second seed with a time of 16:26.11, while Australia’s Kiah Melverton qualified third in 16:29.62.

China’s Li Xuanxu (16:32.02), Japan’s Yuna Kikuchi (16:32.89), USA’s Kathryn Campbell (16:37.34), Japan’s Asari Wada (16:39.79) and Czech’s Martina Elhenicka (16:42.71) also earned transfer spots into the championship field.

2015 World University Games, Day 2 Prelims – Results


  • Men’s 200 free
  • Women’s 100 breast
  • Men’s 200 IM
  • Women’s 100 free
  • Women’s 1500 free





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    The meet results have Alex Vanderkaay as the meet record holder for the 200 IM. But if they are wrong and PVK is the record holder, maybe he should have swam IM instead of just focusing on the freestyle events.

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      Good catch. Definitely had PVK on the mind for some reason.

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    Alex was a great IMer, just not quite as good as his brother Peter was a freestyler.