(Race Video) Avon’s Chandler Bray Smashes 100 Breast National High School Record

Photo Courtesy: Chandler Bray/Twitter

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Avon’s Chandler Bray demolished the previous national high school record in the 100-yard breast during the 2016 Indiana High School State Championships tonight.

Swimming during prelims, Bray uncorked a blistering time of 52.65.  That swim blasted the previous record of 52.92 set by Jacob Molacek of Creighton Prep during prelims of the Nebraska High School State Championships in 2014.

Bray’s time also breaks the public school record of 53.06 set by Connor Hoppe of Golden Valley High in California in 2014 as well.  Since Avon High is a public school, Molacek’s time will remain as an independent school mark.

Bray split the race 24.90, 52.65 (27.75).

Race video courtesy of Bray’s parents.

Heading into this weekend, Bray’s previous best had been a 54.12 while swimming for the Avon Community Swim Team at the 2015 Speedo Winter Junior Nationals.

Keeping up with all of the other swims this weekend, Bray’s time during prelims tonight would have placed fourth at both the Big Ten and ACC Championships in college.

Bray is going to be a huge asset for Florida as a Florida commitment, considering sprint king Caeleb Dressel has been handling a lot of the breaststroke duties for the Gators during relays.



  1. avatar

    better watch that double kick pullout

  2. avatar

    Is that meet legal? I saw 2 officials on deck. Yes, he does need to watch that double kick. He did it off each turn, it’s small but he does it.

  3. avatar

    You realize your feet can come up on the recovery from your pullout right? They just can’t go down. There is nothing illegal with that swim, but as with most things of this nature there are those that can’t be happy with others successes. A better comment would be……hey, nice swim, congrats. Good luck in the future.

    • avatar

      They do go down off the start and first turn. I said its small but they do go down a second time. It is a great swim but if there would have been ample officials on the turns, he could and should have been DQ on the first turn. The fact there are no turn judges on the bulkhead at a High School state meet blows me away.

      • avatar

        There is absolutely no way you can see that and are so invested in this it makes me wonder what you real issue is. Did you have a swimmer in this race? Have you looked at the rules for officiating at high school meets to understand what is required coverage? We are so lucky that you are here to call out dq’s from a grainy video that qualified individuals on the actual pool deck cannot see.

    • avatar

      Agreed. Fantastic swim…

    • avatar

      Sorry your upset about a factual remark. My point is, you can get away with that in HS but D1 will knock that down real quick. I speak from experience. 56.8 in HS. DQ first 2 meets in college because of my fudged kick. He’s a D1 bound athlete, constructive criticism is much better than treating him like a JV freshman telling “him good swim little boy.”
      Coming from a former D1 swimmer, current swimmer, and coach.

      • avatar

        Just going to say I know for a fact he does this. I’m a teammate of his and he’s been doing this since I swam with him. He did a phenomenal job on his race and we’re all proud as team mates but he does need to fix that aspect of his race

    • avatar

      Also, I watched it again. His feet CLEARLY do another full kick. I cannot blame him we all take advantage of the middle lane when we can. Get away with it while you can but that 54 low may be turning into a 55 low if he cant compensate elsewhere in a correct stroke.

    • avatar

      Sorry, wrong… This was highly illegal… one Dolphin kick followed by feet fluttering up and down (second kick), then a 3rd dolphin kick during the pull.

  4. avatar

    Totally illegal multiple dolphin kicks on the pull-outs. It’s a nice swim, but Indiana Swimming should be embarrassed that they let this go.

    • avatar

      It’s just a small movement,, he’s not actually kicking a second time. Everyone just has to try and find something wrong with everything. This was definitely legal, you are just mad that you can’t swim that fast. And also, the IHSAA should not be disappointed, they promote healthy sportsmanship in sports and it shows in meets.

      • avatar

        Nope – I’m a national official and embarrassed for Indiana Swimming. You just admitted that it was illegal, but I wouldn’t call 2 extra kicks a small movement. Again, the kid had a good swim and took advantage of the situation. it’s not his fault there were no officials to be found on a championship meet deck.

  5. avatar

    Minnesota has a junior that just went 54.81 in the section meet. State meet next week where he’ll be shaved and fully taper. This kid is smooth as butta……

  6. avatar

    You must not know how swim meets work. There were 4 officials on the pool and one watching order of finish. One official at each corner. This is one of the most prestigious high school meets in the country

    • avatar

      Yes I do! For should a prestigious meet in the country, they should have more officials!! If you don’t want people to question what goes at your state meet make sure it’s set up like a prestigious meet. The most prestigious meets in the country have adequate officials. If your state meet is so prestigious why can’t you get more officials.

      • avatar

        Take up your issue with the IHSAA and stop playing armchair official behind your computer. As an official I cannot claim to see anything in this video that I would be comfortable judging unless it was in person. Everyone is so quick to judge which is sad for this swimmer especially because he was not called for anything. High school state meets are just that, high school state meets. Not Olympic trials, nationals etc. Jacob Molacek was taken to task for his pullouts when he set the national record. Did you contact his high school association and complain about how many officials they had? We are all experts and the officials on deck are incompetent right?

  7. avatar

    I heard he bought all his WOW characters and mounts from a South Korean farming service too. Probably doesn’t even lift. In all seriousness though while chandler may cheat in Chinese checkers, those pullouts were legit as they come. Great swim, what a guy. I would give his performance a solid 5/7. Good luck at Florida

  8. avatar

    Sounds like SwimMom, Joe And RJ’s kids got taken to the wood shed in the 100 breast in Indiana this weekend.

  9. avatar

    I saw Chandler Bray wearing army pants and flip flops, so I bought army pants and flip flops.

  10. avatar

    I heard that Chandler Bray does car commercials… In Japan. Also, I heard his hair’s insured for $10,000.

  11. avatar
    Bill Brasky

    I remember one time Bray took his family to Sea World. They were watching Shamu the whale when Bray got splashed. So Bray yells, ‘I’m Chandler Bray and no one gets me wet!’ So he climbs into the tank, grabs Shamu, and throws the whale into the audience, splashes him and yells, ‘How do you like it?’ And then damn, if Bray didn’t step in there and finish the show!

  12. avatar
    Steve Arnold

    I don’t see any real names(first and last) on any of these post. You can claim your an official, a D1 swimmer or coach and it might all be a bunch of lies just to lend yourself credibility. Heck, my name might not even be Steve Arnold. Get on with your lives and stop the envy. It was a tremedous swim.

    • avatar

      Well said. He’s a kid, get over yourselves and be happy for him.

  13. avatar
    Nick Harris

    I was their at the meet, it was a legal swim and there were multiply officials on deck at this meet.

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