Destin Lasco
Courtesy of: Swimming World
SEWELL, New Jersey, March 15. A day after Morris County's Vinny Marciano was the first 12-and-under to clear 53 seconds in the 11-12 100-yard backstroke, Destin Lasco lowered the U.S. National Age Group record at the Middle Atlantic Junior Olympics.

In a time of 52.32, Lasco took down Marciano's record of 52.47 set at the New Jersey Swimming Junior Olympics last night.

Lasco split the swim 25.84, 26.48 as he took the record even closer to the unfathomable 52-second barrier.

Event 50 Boys 11-12 100 Yard Backstroke
Name Age Team Prelims
=== A - Final ===

1 Lasco, Destin 12 Pleasantville Aq 58.28 52.32

Although Michael Andrew is blazing a trail ahead of these two in the 13-14 age division, there's little doubt the Lasco/Marciano duo could take the backstroke national age group records lower for years to come.