World Swimming Championships Rescheduled For Fukuoka In May 2022

Photo Courtesy: Warren Christmas, Flickr

The World Championships will take place in Fukuoka, Japan, from May 13-29 2022, governing body FINA have announced and as revealed by Swimming World last week.

The worlds were initially due to go ahead in the Japanese city from 16 July to 1 August 2021 but the rescheduling of the Olympic Games to 23 July-8 August that year because of the coronavirus pandemic meant new dates had to be found.

The World Masters Championships will now take place on the island of Kyushu (JPN), from May 31-June 9, 2022.

The shift means that 2022 will be congested with elite swimmers competing in up to three international events that year.


Photo Courtesy: @Fukuoka2021jp

For instance, the British team would have worlds, Commonwealth Games and the European Championships with Australian, Canada and New Zealand also taking on the first two events as well as the Pan-Pacific Championships.

So too will Japan and China have worlds and pan-pacs but also the Asian Games in September of that year.

A statement from FINA read:

“Following consultation with the city of Fukuoka, Japan Swimming Federation, organisers, athletes, coaches, technical committees, TV partners and sponsors, FINA is pleased to announce that the FINA World Championships in Fukuoka (JPN), initially scheduled for the summer of 2021, will now take place from May 13-29, 2022!

“FINA president Julio Maglione said: 

“’After liaising with the relevant stakeholders and receiving feedback from them, we have no doubt that the decision taken will provide the best possible conditions for all participants at the Championships. We look forward to witnessing the world’s best aquatic athletes from around the world competing in the city of Fukuoka (JPN) in 2022.

“‘At a time of unprecedented uncertainty, FINA hopes the announcement of these dates will allow for some clarity in planning for all concerned.’

“The FINA Family would like to thank the authorities of the City of Fukuoka, the Japan Swimming Federation, Organising Committee of the FINA World Championships, and all our partners for their commitment and support in reaching this decision.

“Moreover, the FINA World Masters Championships will take place across the island of Kyushu (JPN), from May 31-June 9, 2022.”


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  2. Sharon Beaver

    Mark Smedley Joanne Sutcliffe.. I’m guessing that is masters as well…. works in my favour

    • Jon Hawton

      Sharon Beaver masters well. Dates announced

    • Sharon Beaver

      i’ll be first year in a new age group ?

    • Jon Hawton

      Sharon Beaver I’ll be further towards the end

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      Jon I really don’t think I won’t to go up another age group..think I’m old enough now.. ?

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    David Abineri

    How is a May world championships going to work with the usual NCAA championship schedule?