Watch the Power Phase of Scottsdale Aquatic Club’s Dryland Training (Video)

Photo Courtesy: Scottsdale Aquatic Club

SCOTTSDALE – Swimming World’s J.R. Rosania is back with another great dryland video.  This time, he worked with the Scottsdale Aquatic Club to demonstrate the power phase of his dryland training system.

Rosania has been the strength and conditioning dryland coach for Scottsdale for three years, and during that time period he has directed a weekly workout based on a three-phase system that includes a strength phase, a power phase and a speed phase.

Each phase will last anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks, and the exercises and resistance are adjusted appropriately.

Currently, the Scottsdale swimmers have completed the strength phase and, as seen in this video, they are now performing the power and explosive phase.

The movements are complex involving several different muscle groups. There are also swim specific movements for each of the four individual strokes.

The swimmers are constantly monitored for both technique and performance ability.

The final phase will be a speed phase where resistance is dramatically decreased and the speed of movement of the activity or exercise is increased.

Rosania has seen great success with the swimmers on this program.

Power Phase of Scottsdale Aquatic Club’s Dryland Training


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    Ashley Hernandez
    Alexis M. Mendoza
    Aaliyah Mendoza

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    Ross — 2:08 flutter-kick plank!!

  3. Elenoa Osborne

    Angela Birch Kaye Lepper-Wind Rosemary Rova

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      I can design programs for all ages and abilities..

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    Very Cool , looks like a great program , YMCA Avondale, AZ. Masters program.
    Very nice video!!!!

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    Looks all movement in the water stimulated by weights and stretch chords, but i think good idea to swim for a while immediately after land training to prevent muscle sore and increase flexibility.

  6. Seth Benson

    Robbie McKernan I love that they never settle for how good they are, they keep developing.

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    Y no hacen físico.. Elen Rs Mariana Alcalá

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      Ya vamos a empezar o no Mariana Alcalá?

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    Alex Murphy

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    JR has done great things for our program in Surprise, AZ with no year round swimmers we have 4 qualifiers for the AZ State meets and JR helped by introducing swim specific dryland to our athletes.

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    Pretty weak dry land program.

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      Dear Troll, (aka “Sam”) I suggest that unless you have something better to add about powerful dry land training, you keep your negative comments to the lesser publications with the other Trolls. There is always one Troll that feels the need to post negative comments when they see greatness in others that they will never aspire too.
      I personally found this great and plan to use some of this dryland with my team. If possible can you please post more for teams that don’t have a weight room?