Stanford Swimming and Diving Issues Statement on Abrahm DeVine Comments

Stanford swimming and diving has responded to Abrahm DeVine's Instagram post. Photo Courtesy: Connor Trimble

NCAA Champion Abrahm DeVine accused the Stanford swimming and diving team of treating him unfairly because he was gay on an Instagram post. Stanford swimming and diving has since issued a statement regarding DeVine’s comments that he was no longer allowed to train at Stanford as a postgrad.

The statement reads:

“It is truly unfortunate Abe feels this way. That said, Abe wasn’t invited back to train with us this fall, as a postgraduate, for reasons entirely unrelated to his sexuality. We take pride in the inclusivity and supportiveness that exists on both our men’s and women’s teams, but we will continue to strive, as always, to improve those aspects of our culture.”

DeVine called out the Stanford team in a lengthy Instagram post that he shared on Sunday night that he was “kicked off the Stanford swim team” for “surface level reasons but I can tell you with certainty that it comes down to the fact that I am gay.”

Swimming World has reached out to DeVine but he has not responded or provided clarity regarding his post and accusations.

DeVine’s post can be seen below:


  1. avatar

    I don’t suppose Cullen Jones counts as someone at his level then?

    • avatar

      Cullen Jones has a wife and is expecting a child… ?

  2. Tori Kroon

    Delia Weber

    • Tori Kroon

      Delia Weber they need to spill the real tea

    • Delia Weber

      Tori Kroon I think what will happen is one of two scenarios

      1) this catches national news or more news and forces Stanford to release more info (either the reason they kicked him off unrelated to his sexual orientation or some bs claim that they are working to improve)


      2) it does grow in news popularity and it just kinda gets swept under the rug and no one will know the truth either way it is

    • Tori Kroon

      Delia Weber I think that’s exactly it. Especially with the whole brock turner thing, Stanford was still relatively quiet about that

    • avatar

      Swimming world is correct! Abe’s reason for not being allowed to swim with the pro team is 100% unrelated to his sexuality. Unfortunately, he feels the need to use that as his excuse to explain the real reason. He needs to grow up.

    • Andrea McHugh

      Swimming World is 100% corrrct here. Mr.Devine’s reasons for not being allowed to swim with the pro team have absolutely zero to do with his sexuality. He is using that as an excuse and that unfortunate he feels the need to do that. He needs to grow up.

    • Tori Kroon

      Andrea McHugh if it’s true or not it’s a shame that he felt that was his reason. Being a part of a college team should feel like a family and if he says that’s the reason clearly he felt unwanted as himself.

      • avatar
        Raymond Woods

        I understand the reason was because of some things that went on at the world championships

    • Delia Weber

      Andrea McHugh let’s be clear that Swimming World did not take a position on the matter. They only presented the facts they have. At this point, WE do not know the full truth. We can only make educated guesses based on the information we are given