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It is easy to argue the greatest tragedy in the history of swimming is the loss of Fran Crippen, who died in 2010 during a FINA-sanctioned open water race in Fujairah, United Arab Emirates.  The death was linked to high-water temperatures and a lack of proper meet management.  Since first competing in the sport in 2006, he became one of America’s leading perfomers and a well-recognized, well-respected voice for open water swimming around the world.  Crippen (April 17. 1984-Oct. 23, 2010) died at the age of 26.  Untill then, no athlete had ever lost his or her life in a FINA event. (See story, page 25, and related stories, pages 8 and 46).



013 All In

by Jeff Commings

Ryan Lochte admits that he hates to lose.  And after a subpar 2014 that definitely was not Lochte-like, the 30-year-old has learned from his experiences and is ready to give 100 percent.

018 Swimming Is In Trouble: Crisis In College Scholarships

 by George Block

The sport of swimming is in grave danger.  It is in danger of losing its dream and its highest level of domestic achievement.

021 Strength From Tragedy

by Annie Grevers

When tragedy strikes a swimming team, the effects can be devastating.  But they can also bring people closer together as they learn how to deal with some of life’s greatest challenges.

025 Top 10 Triumphs & Tragedies

by Chuck Warner and Todd Kemmerling

Beginning in its April 2014 issue and ending this month, Swimming World Magazine has counted down the top 10 triumphs and tragedies in the histriy of swimming.  This month: #1 The Greatest Tragedy in Swimming History: Losing Fran Crippen in Open Water.


010 Lessons With The Legends: Joe Bernal

015 Backstroke Start Technique

016 Swimming Technique Misconception: Drills Improve Technique

 by Rod Havriluk

A common swimming technique misconception is that drills improve technique.  While there are a number of drills that are extremely helpful for improving technique, simply performing a drill guarantees nothing.  Some drills are, at best, a waste of time and can be counterproductive–or even harmful.

041 Q&A With Bruce Marchionda

 by Michael J. Stott

042 How They Train Claire Donahue

by Michael Stott


031 Nutrition: Baked Cakes & Cookies

 Republished with permission of Velo-Press from “Feed Zone Portables: A cookbook of  On-the-Go Food for Athletes.”


043 Up & Comers


008 A Voice For The Sport

032 2015 Swim Camp Directory

046 Gutter Talk

048 Parting Shot