Swimming Technique October 2000



Table of Contents


  • Bodysuits A Bust?: According to a study conducted by Indiana University’s Human Performance Laboratory, the new bodysuits– professing to help swimmers swim even faster–had no statistically measurable effect on swim performances at the recent U.S. Olympic Trials in Indianapolis. By Joel Stager, J. Skube, D.A. Tanner, W. Winston and H.H. Morris … 16


  • Proper Race Strategy in the 400 IM : The 400 IM is an event in which too many athletes swim incorrectly. However, with a little proper guidance and with an emphasis on swimming a balanced race, many could excel in this event. By Jasen Pratt … 18


  • TECH Tips: Swim Like A Fish: One of the reasons the author uses the “fishlike swimming” phrase to summarize his approach on how to teach swimming is because great swimmers–both dolphins and Olympic medalists–share one striking characteristic: the ability to move with grace, flow and economy at all swimming speeds. By Terry Laughlin … 29