Swimming Technique July 2000



Table of Contents


  • Swimmer’s Shoulder II: What can coaches do for their athletes who have swimmer’s shoulder? Reduce the time the swimmer spends in full forward flexion~abduction; and reduce or, preferably, eliminate internal rotation. By Larry M. Weisenthal, M.D., Ph.D. … 10


  • The Boomer Boom : There’s been a boom in Bill Boomer’s ideas on coaching. The former coach at the University of Rochester has thrown out the conventional approach to swimming fast and has given coaches and swimmers a whole new language for discussing technique. By Lois Melina … 13


  • Distance Swimming: Then and Now : Bud McAlIister, who coached the legendary Janet Evans, compares distance swimming training during Janet’s heyday with the great Australian distance swimmers of today. By Cecil Colwin … 24