Swimming Technique July 1999



Table of Contents


  • Going the Extra Mile : Coach Jerry HoItrey recognizes that character formation is just as important as stroke mechanics. Not only does he train his Lake Erie Silver Dolphin swimmers to be successful in the water, but he also talks to them about how to handle their success out of the water as well. By Lois Melina … 23


  • A Platform for Fast Swimming: Through observation, questions and positive debate, we as coaches can improve our own skills and help swimmers perform better than they ever have before. One way this can happen is by examining how and why we train when it comes to the biomechanics of the crawl stroke. The purpose of this article is to familiarize the reader with body balance (T-press), hip &ive in long axis strokes, the importance of the catch phase in the crawl arm stroke and various topics regarding the flutter kick, then to take the next step by using observation to draw all of them together into one cohesive picture. By Morgan Bailey … 26


  • Swimming Faster by Swimming Slowly : Sprinters at Army have been experimenting with a new training program that has produced positive results. It’s a program that uses a large percentage of low-speed swimming and drilling, tightly-controlled doses of faster speed swimming and never “practicing struggle.” By Terry Laughlin … 30