Swimming Technique April 1999



Table of Contents


  • All Swimmers Are Not Created Equal : Coaches need a system where they can assess the path and potential of athletes at an early age, and then be able to map their development in a system that will maximize their potential. By Jonty Skinner … 14


  • Underloading, Overloading and Philosophies of Training : Trends among the best swimmers in the world show us that it is possible to compete and swim very fast times during the course of the year, yet still make dramatic drops in times at the “big meet.” By Ron Johnson and John Gadboy … 17


  • Interval Training 101: Interval training is simply a matter of time. There are a few basic rules to learn that will not only keep you on schedule, but it will assist you in counting the number of repeats in a set. By Scott Rabalais … 22


  • TECH Tips: The Art of Lateral Movement : When viewing a swimmer’s stroke from above the water’s surface, an illusion is created in which it appears that swimmers pull straight back. However, by observing from beneath the water’s surface, you will see that the best ones incorporate a lot of lateral movement into their underwater pull patterns. By Troy Dalbey …26