SWIM Magazine November 1993


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My Favorite Workout

By David Samuelsohn


The Thanksgiving Workout

By Mike Collins


67 Hours in New York

By Marcia Cleveland


USMS National Convention


Long Course Nationals


Calendar of Events


Aging & Performance

By Jane A. Moore, M.D. & Hugh C. Moore


Your Views


Editor’s Note





By Terry Laughlin


Health Waves

Counting Calories Made Easier; Radical Swimming; Fast Food; Tips for Avoiding Sharks.


Water Aerobics

By Lynda Huey



by Linda Houtkooper


Real People


Question Man


Master’s Marketplace




Serious Play: 93-94 Adult Swim Camps

By Lynn Narlesky. Swim Camps for adults are proliferating. Now you can combine your training and vacation: improve your stroke while you play in the sun.


Keeping Warm During Winter Meets
By Christopher M. Kelly. Staying warm between events during icy winter meets can be a problem. SWIM shows you how to solve that problem.


Is Chlorine Safe?

By Russ Ewald. You want all the health and fitness benefits swimming can confer, so you spend several hours each week swimming in a chlorinated pool. Is it safe and are there alter- natives? The straight scoop from SWIM.


Holiday Gift Catalog
Do your holiday gift buy- ing at home with help from SWIM.