Magic in the Lane Documentary: Chuck Katis and the Dickens Brothers

Swimmer Chuck Katis during the filming of the "Magic in the Lane" documentary.

“Our story is telling yours.”

This was the response given by Eriksen and Soren Dickens when asked to summarize their life story. As filmmakers, the Dickens brothers specialize in telling stories for businesses and personal brands through their media agency, Platinum Peek Productions.

Their latest story captures the life of American swimmer, entrepreneur, and magician, Chuck Katis.

Magic in the Lane is a documentary about a well rounded athlete with such a unique life. Well rounded people make for interesting stories. Chuck is about as well rounded as they come,” says Eriksen Dickens.

The brothers felt that Katis was the perfect subject for their documentary because he doesn’t limit himself to one defining role.

Katis is a competitive, world class swimmer, having swam at both Harvard and Cal Berkeley. He built his own patented, AI training robot called the “BodBox” of which he now sells worldwide. He is an accomplished magician, performing for charities, homeless shelters, and children in hospitals. He’s also involved in humanitarian work, having started his own non-profit organization while he was still in high school called Magic of Miracles—a non-profit dedicated to providing relief to children with cancer.

Magic in the Lane or watch below.

What’s the driving force behind it all?  Helping others.

“I wanted to apply my skills to help people. I never saw it as working for myself, rather I want to create things in which people are greatly benefited by,” Katis says in Magic in the Lane.


Chuck Katis performing magic for cancer patients Photo Courtesy: Platinum Peek Productions

Katis’s altruistic nature, mixed with his gracious temperament, has gained him very loyal supporters. He currently resides in Virginia where he and his team continue to grow BodBox as a worldwide tool used by athletes from all different backgrounds.

Katis claims, “the BodBox is a piece of artificial intelligence that analyzes your motion and provides you with feedback on ways to maximize your performance. It’s like your own portable coach. I came up with the idea because I wanted to get faster in the pool. I knew refining my discipline by learning how to code—learning how to create something that’s never been done before—would help me in the water.”

When Eriksen and Soren Dickens approached Katis with the idea of doing a documentary on his life, they were thrilled Katis was on board with the idea.


Chuck Katis and the Dickens’ on deck filming Photo Courtesy: Platinum Peek Productions

“We wanted Chuck to be able to use this documentary as a way to reach a wider audience,” Soren Dickens says. “Our goal was to help Chuck enhance his digital presence. Video content is somewhat essential now to growing your business and personal brand.”

“Everyone’s narrative consists of pillars—the aspects of their life that make up who they are. When we work with clients, we help them discover their pillars, and then show them how to infuse their message through their pillars using video content,” Eriksen Dickens adds. “Chuck had four main pillars: swimming, entrepreneurship, magic, and humanitarian work. This broadens his audience tremendously.”

The brothers started filming the documentary back in early 2017 and completed editing in 2019. From following Katis performing magic on the streets of Berkley, to watching him train at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado—from capturing intimate moments with his family, to the Grand Prix in Santa Clara—the 30 minute film takes you on a journey throughout the life of quite possibly the most diverse athlete to ever wear a speedo.

“We wanted people to be inspired by Chuck’s life and take heed,” Eriksen says. “Chuck makes it clear in the film that you can do what you set your mind to—you just have to commit yourself to doing it. A lot of people have an idea. Few people take action to turn that idea into something greater.”

The film also explores Katis’s humble beginnings. Raised by a single mother and with a twin sister, Katis discusses the financial hardships his family went through growing up. Where he came from, and where he is now, is truly a testament of his character. He had an idea of where he wanted to be, and he took massive action to get there.

As Katis would say, “If you watch your life closely, the world will open itself up to you.”

You can find the full documentary on Platinum Peek Production’s YouTube channel where you can watch for free.

For more information on Eriksen and Soren Dickens, check out their website at

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Magic in the Lane promotional for social Photo Courtesy: Platinum Peek Productions

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Moya Semone
Moya Semone
4 years ago

Worthy coverage, such a positive example for struggling youth today. Dickens brothers provided a clear and entertaining view of this fine young man. Well done!

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