Kosuke Hagino Crushes 200 Free at Bergen Swim Festival

kosuke hagino
Photo Courtesy: Delly Carr

Kosuke Hagino dominated the men’s 200-meter free in a time of 1:47.00 at the 2016 Bergen Swim Festival.  He’s been faster with a third-ranked 1:45.50 from Japanese Nationals.  Mark Small placed second in 1:50.12 with Marco Belotti earning third in 1:50.14.

Katinka Hosszu won the women’s 200-meter free in a time of 1:59.77.  That’s well off her 11th-ranked 1:56.31 from the Golden Tour.  Marte Lovberg took second in 2:02.63 with Cecelie Johannessen earning third in 2:02.70.

Hosszu then claimed the women’s 100-meter back in 1:00.80.  She’s been a third-ranked 58.94 at the European Championships.  Eyglo Gustafsdottir took second in 1:02.13 with Barbora Zavadova placing third in 1:03.14.

Hosszu followed by winning the women’s 50-meter free knockout rounds.  Michele Santucci won the men’s 50-meter free tournament. See below for results.

Hosszu picked up her fourth title with a 2:10.50 win in the women’s 200-meter fly.  Her best this year is an eighth-ranked 2:07.11 from the Golden Tour. Natsumi Hoshi, the third-ranked swimmer in the world with a 2:06.32 from Japanese Nationals, took second in a 2:11.73.  Barbora Zavadova finished third in 2:12.35.

Hosszu won another round of knockouts, this time in the women’s 50-meter fly. Petr Novak won the men’s 50-meter fly knockouts.  See below for results.

Jesper Bjork topped the men’s 100-meter back in 56.79 with Oskar Ericsson finishing second in 57.61.  Samuel Tornqvist took third in 58.59.

Tomas Havranek claimed the men’s 200-meter fly in 1:58.27. Sindri Jakobsson touched second in 1:58.85 with Pavel Janecek placing third in 1:58.97.

50 Free Knockouts:

Women Round 1:

Susann Bjornsen, 25.50
Katinka Hosszu, 25.76
Monica Johannessen, 25.83
Elise Olsen, 25.99

Women Round 2:

Katinka Hosszu, 26.13
Elise Olsen, 26.41
Cecilie Johannessen, 26.76
Susann Bjornsen, 27.18

Women Final:

Katinka Hosszu: 25.66
Cecilie Johannessen, 26.47
Elise Olsen, 27.06

Men Round 1:

Isaac Eliasson, 23.10
Michele Santucci, 23.26
Niksja Stojkovski, 23.30
Christian Tronvoll, 23.47

Men Round 2:

Michele Santucci, 23.95
Isaac Eliasson, 24.04
Niksja Stojkovski, 24.93
David Urban, 25.21

Men Final:

Michele Santucci, 23.83
Isaac Eliasson, 24.40
Niksja Stojkovski, 29.43

50 Fly Knockouts:

Women Round 1:

Bryndis Hansen, 27.13
Lucie Svecena, 27.13
Katinka Hosszu, 27.49
Monica Johannessen, 27.61

Women’s Round 2:

Lucie Svecena, 27.25
Bryndis Hansen, 27.50
Katinka Hosszu, 27.54
Monica Johannessen, 27.78

Women Final:

Katinka Hosszu, 27.65
Bryndis Hansen, 27.80
Lucie Svecena, 27.83

Men Round 1:

Sigurd Boen, 24.79
Sindri Jakobsson, 24.82
Petr Novak, 24.92
Magnus Poulsen, 24.99

Men Round 2:

Jesper Bjork, 25.12
Petr Novak, 25.15
Magnus Poulsen, 25.36
Sindri Jakobsson, 25.44

Men Final:

Petr Novak, 25.53
Jesper Bjork, 26.05
Magnus Poulsen, 26.29