Bruno Fratus Swims Second Quickest 50 Free of 2019 at Sette Colli With 21.42; Manaudou Moves in to 8th in World Rankings

Photo Courtesy: Peter H. Bick

Brazil’s Bruno Fratus swam one of the fastest times in the world in the 50 free on Friday at the Sette Colli Trophy in Rome with a 21.42. Fratus originally had the fastest time in the world for 2019 with his 21.31 from Monaco. He swam just a tick slower than that as he is one of the favorites to win the gold medal at the World Championships in four weeks.

*It was originally reported that Fratus had the world’s fastest times but the times from the Mare Nostrum had not been added to FINA’s world rankings list thus a mistake was made.

Fratus finished ahead of 2012 Olympic Champion Florent Manaudou of France at 21.72. Manaudou is swimming his first race back since retiring after the 2016 Olympic Games. USA’s Michael Andrew (21.94) was third. Manaudou moved up to eighth in the world rankings for 2019 with his swim. He is still well off his best time of 21.19 from 2015 but he is still world class in the 50.

Fratus is now leading the world rankings ahead of Great Britain’s Ben Proud and Italy’s Andrea Vergani, who did not compete at the Sette Colli meet in Rome. His best time is a 21.27, which puts him 11th all-time.


  1. Bruno Fratus, BRA, 21.42
  2. Florent Manaudou, FRA, 21.72
  3. Michael Andrew, USA, 21.94
  4. Santo Condorelli, ITA, 22.15
  5. Luca Dotto, ITA, 22.15
  6. Jesse Puts, NED, 22.16
  7. Shinri Shioura, JPN, 22.16
  8. Sergii Shevtsov, UKR, 22.21

2019 World Rankings:

  1. Bruno Fratus, BRA, 21.31
  2. Ben Proud, GBR, 21.48
  3. Andrea Vergani, ITA, 21.53
  4. Vladimir Morozov, RUS, 21.55
  5. Shinri Shioura, JPN, 21.67
  6. Caeleb Dressel, USA, 21.69
  7. Pawel Juraszek, POL, 21.71
  8. Florent Manaudou, FRA, 21.72


  1. Mason Brown

    While wearing a snorkel?

    • Leslie Alexis

      Mason Brown right ? Infuriating. Special Olympics? Understandable, but legit swim comp. yea no, kiss my ass!

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        Mark M

        Are you serious? This is just a random picture of him with a snorkel. He doesn’t race with it…

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    Réda chakroune

    Wrong info! Check your sources. Fratus already swam a 21.3 this year.

    • avatar

      Thanks. Fina didn’t put in the Mare Nostrum times in their world rankings list. Changed accordingly.

  3. Leslie Alexis

    How the hell can someone legit swim with a snorkel. DQ. Don’t wear a snorkel. Swim like the rest of us.

    • Buddy Green

      Leslie Alexis its obviously just a stock pic they used. No one is allowed to use a snorkel in a race…. 🤦‍♂️

    • John Ian Bobbitt

      I dunno. Every year it’s something new. Got us all edgy. I’d hate for my records back home to be broke by some chump with an impeller up his a**. But…. we didn’t have fastskins, either.