Atherton WR, Peaty Pounces & Chalmers Is King Of Skins At London Roar’s ISL Banquet In Budapest

London Roar on the prowl (clockwise from top left: Minna Atherton, Mel Marshall and some Pride members; and Marshall, Fred Vergnoux and coaching staff celebrating win after win

London Roar Wins ISL Match 4 In Budapest

  • League witnesses its first World Record as Minna Atherton goes 54.89 in 100 back
  • First sub-55sec 100 back by a woman at the pace of John Devitt‘s first 100 free World record in 1957
  • Kyle Chalmers is King of Skins – takes Vlad Morozov crown
  • Ranomi Kromowidjojo is Queen of Skins once more, this time ahead of Cate Campbell
  • London Roar dominates the Match
  • Katinka Hosszu is MPV at home sun Budapest for Iron

Adam Peaty had a ball on his International Swimming League debut in Budapest yesterday, a strong victory in the 50m breaststroke and third place with a big personal best over 200m just what the Captain ordered as he led London Roar to a solid lead over the rest on day 1.

Much to celebrate: Minna Atherton and her World-Record rattling, twice just 0.2sec away from a global standard, over 200m and then 50m backstroke, Peaty, Emma McKeon‘s double, and double-trouble relay strength, among the highlights.

No resting on laurels, was Peaty’s message to the pride at the start of decisive day 2, his mantra echoing that of head coach Mel Marshall and her team. Going into Day 2, Peaty told Swimming World: “Yesterday for me was really, really good. I did not expect to be that fast at all, especially in hard training and with a beard. I’ve never really been that fast this time of year and that was my first race of the season.

“To get those under my belt under that kind of pressure was really good. Really happy with my performance, especially in the 200 to get that podium finish. I haven’t done that in quite a few years!”

He added: It was good, I really enjoyed it, had a lot of fun out there and being Captain as well: it’s great to lead the team into that point difference we have today.” Halt the celebration – the job is not yet done:

“But today is a new goal and a new day. We are looking to extend that lead and not become complacent. For the team, there is a great energy and great morale and we’ve used that momentum from Dallas to propel us forward to here. We will try and secure that as best as we can today.”

As Best We Can … Peaty was serious… but as it turned out, it was obvious he likes a laugh, too …

By the end of Part 1 on Day 2, Roar’s best was killing the rest; the the end of part 2 it was Game Over with a Minna Artherton world record and much else to cheer about. And when Kyle Chalmers beat Vlad Morozov in the Skins, the Roar roared. Match 4 To them after Match 3 to them.

The Racing Green looks like a cert for the Final Match in Las Vegas come December 20-21.

The Roar pride is thrilled with the outcome and the meet in Budapest. Roar Manager Rob Woodhouse says:

“This would have been brilliant [in his day back when racing to Olympic bronze over 400IM in 1984 for Australia]. It’s great to be a part of this first season. The team is doing so well … It was amazing. She just missed it in the relay and smashed it there. Very excited for Minna, but also for David Lush.”

ISL: Kyle Chalmers

The London Roar capped their win in Budapest with Kyle Chalmers prevailing in the men’s 50 free Skins event.

How The Live Unfolded:

The latest race appears at the top of the file…

Part 3 Curtain-Closer

The Match Ends:

  • London Roar: 505.5
  • Team iron: 425.0
  • LA Current: 408
  • NY Breakers: 292.5


Men’s 50m free

Round 1: Vladimir Morozov on 20.90 for Iron, through ahead of Nathan Adrian, LA Current, Kyle Chalmers, Roar, and Michael Andrew, Breakers

Round 2: interesting – Chalmers on 21.63 and a 100m and 200m man where Morozov, into the showdown a touch behind, lacks the stamina. Will it matter in a s/c 50 dash, even a third on?

Round 3: Well – there it is – the stamina and a tremendous turn from the Dolphin did the trick, with following wind. Chalmers on 21.76. Morozov left to feel what he made Adrian feel last week.

The Roar Roars.

Ranomi Kromowidjojo

For the second straight week, Team Iron’s Ranomi Kromowidjojo won the 50 free Skins competition.

Women’s 50m free

Round 1: Ranomi Kromowidjojo, last week’s winner, clocks 23.71. Also through, Cate Campbell for Roar; Pernille Blume and Beryl Gastaldello. Emma McKeon is out.

Round 2: Ranomi on 23.97, Cate right there with her. They go through.

Round 3: Ranomi is proving to be the Skins queen of then League – 24.28, Cate could not live with the start, the turn nor the finish, the sprint down the first lap a catch-up, the second lap resignation. If Iron could make the Las Vegas final, a match with Sarah Sjostrom, of Energy, could be on the cards. At this stage, Iron’s qualification for the Final Match, however, hangs heavily in the balance.

Says Ranomi:

“I really loved it. It was fun having the team cheering for me, the Hungarian people. I feel ok, but in one minute, I’m going to lay down.”

Campbell will try, try and try again. She said of Skins:

“It’s actually not that different than what we do in training. We’re used to getting up and doing repeat 50s. It’s the most important event. You have to get to as many rounds as you can to get points for the team. Tactics come into play. You have Olympic and world champions. You can’t take a step back. It’s about playing your cards right and using as little energy as possible in each round, but the margin for error is extremely small.”

Highlights of the Day:

Men’s 200m butterfly

World champion and record holder Kristof Milak, Iron, puts in a cracking last lap to take the win in 1:49.98 ahead of Tom Shields, Current, on 1:50.25, his teammate Jack Conger third in 1:52.74.

ISL: Katinka Hosszu

A late rally enabled Katinka Hosszu to touch the wall just ahead of American Katie McLaughlin in the 200 butterfly.

Women’s 200m butterfly

Katinka Hosszu seals the MPV for the Match with an Iron finish that snatches victory from Katie McLaughlin, of LA Current, 2:05.37 to 2:05.41. Third home is Alys Thomas, for NY Breakers in 2:07.05.

Part 2

Points After Part 2:

  • Roar: 439.5
  • Current: 359.0
  • Iron: 345.0
  • Breakers: 254.5

MPV top 3: Katinka Hosszu, 47; Kyle Chalmers, 41.5; Ranomi Kromowidjojo, 40.5.

  • Comment: The MPV stands out as a mechanism that fails to take into account two significant aspects of swimming: strokes beyond freestyle (no stroke specialist has a chance of ever winning  the MPV); and speed… no extra points for a World record, Atherton in seventh after two stunning swims that produced top scores for Roar… and the result sheet does not acknowledge or register the World record. One thing to turn the clock off for some racing; another to think a World record not worth counting and registering officially. 

Mixed 4x100m freestyle

The Roar Has It! Yuri Kisil (47.41), Kyle Chalmers 46.48), Bronte Campbell (52.18) and Emma McKeon (50.98) … how could they lose with that kind of power in one lane… 3:17.05.

Women’s 100m backstroke

The Roar on their feet in the team box chant “Minna, Minna, Minna”. No wonder. Minna Atherton – 54.89: World record, the first sub-55sec 100m backstroke in history among women. The Australian was out in 26.52. Top score for Roar, Top swim of the ISL matches so far, the 4th match coming to a close. Next home Amy Bilquist for LA Current, on 56.64, and Ali Deloof for the Breakers, on 57.51.

Men’s 100m backstroke

Guilherme Guido, for Roar, continued to inflict pain on Olympic backstroke champion Ryan Murphy, of LA Current. In 49.61, the Brazilian winner took top points and extended his lead at the helm of the season world rankings beyond the 50.16 he clocked in Dallas last weekend. The first sub-50 is in the bag this season – and the second, Murphy on 49.78. Robert Glinta for Iron, took third in 50.10.

Women’s 50m butterfly

Interesting dilemma for ISL: another snap but this time from swimmers from different teams. On 24.92 Roar’s Holly Barratt and Beryl Gastaldello, for LA Current, matched each other. The decision was: both get 8 points (which wasn’t the case when two Roar swimmers took a matched win in the women’s 100m free. Third home was Roar’s Marie Wattel, on 25.33, while Gastaldello’s time set a French record.

Men’s 50m butterfly

Sebastian Szabo cracked the Hungarian record and zoomed to the helm of the season world ranks with a 22.20 speed bomb. Tom Shields, for LA Current, and Michael Andrew, of NY Breakers, follow him home in 22.58 and 22.73 respectively.

Women’s 200m medley

Olympic champion Katinka Hosszu, racing in her home pool in waters she swims in most days, took the win in 2:05.11, Roar’s Sydney Pickrem closest, on 2:06.32, third to Bailey Andison, of LA Current, on 2:07.23.

Men’s 200m Medley

Andrew Seliskar, on 1:53.11, and Josh Prenot, 1:54.59, grant LA Current top score with a 1-2 ahead of f fellow American Gunnar Bentz, for NY Breakers, on 1:55.09.

At the End of Part 1:

London Roar is killing it…

  • London Roar: 354.5 points
  • Iron: 277.5
  • LA Current: 264.5
  • NY Breakers: 208.5

Much has been said about how and why the swimmers and coaches are loving the League. Here’s a quote apart from Jack Roach, a man who has helped develop people as much as athletes down the years. In town for LA Current but rejoicing for all who excel, he says:

“I believe there are only two things that shape our lives: People and events. And there are only three things that you can train: The body, mind and craft. But I believe a fourth thing is the spirit.”


ISL: Minna Atherton

On the leadoff leg of the London Roar’s 400 medley relay, Minna Atherton went 55.12 to just miss the world record of 55.03.

Women’s 4x100m medley

Minna Atherton is on fire: 55.12, just 0.09sec from the World record with a Commonwealth and Australian record to lead Roar a day after missing two world records by 0.2sec, her 200m effort also a Commonwealth standard inside Emily Seebohm‘s previous mark.

Seebohm’s 100m record had stood at 55.46 since 2015.

After Atherton come Jess Hansen on breaststroke, Marie Wattel on ‘fly and Cate Campbell bringing it home on freestyle in 3:47.39, Roar’s B team next home for top score, LA Current in third.

ISL: Elijah Winnington

Aussie Elijah Winnington couldn’t be caught in winning the 400 freestyle.

Men’s 400m Freestyle

Elijah Winnington kept the winning ways of Roar coaming with a world-ranks season No 1 effort of 3:38.30 for top score. The time topped the 3:38.84 in which he claimed victory a week ago in Dallas. Next home was World champion and record holder over 200m butterfly, Kristof Milak, of Iron, with Winnington’s Aussie teammate but NY Breakers rivals here, Jack McLoughlin third.

Women’s 400m Freestyle

Big cheer from the home crowd as Iron takes a 1-2, Hungarian Ajna Kesely on 4:01.27, mate Veronika Andrusenko, nee Popova, next home for 16 points fun all, with Roar’s Boglarka Kapas, Hungarian but racing for London, third and keeping the leading team’s score high with Mireia Belmonte, for 11 points.

A time for hefty training but as Belmonte’s coach Fred Vergnoux said with a nod to the danger of the Olympic 200m butterfly champion:

“She can swim pretty much anything from the 200 on up. It’s good to have Mireia on this team”

ISL: Adam Peaty

The London Roar’s Adam Peaty won the 100 breaststroke on Sunday, continuing his domination of the event.

Men’s 100m breaststroke

Adam Peaty. What a killer cuff the man has: out in 25.51, 0.08sec up ion Felipa Lima from LA Current, on the way to a 56.19 by comfortable margin.

The time was just shy of the Olympic champion’s career high of 55.94 from 2017.

The world record services from a time of shiny suits, at 55.61 to Peaty’s old sparring partner from a land that understands lions, the now retired Cameron Van Der Burgh.

Lima held on for second, with Peaty’s Roar mate Kiriil Prigoda third for another set of leading points for the Racing Green.

ISL: Alia Atkinson

Team Iron’s Alia Atkinson took first place in the 100 breaststroke.

Women’s 100m breaststroke

Alia Atkinson crushed the opposition with a 1:03.83 win for Iron, racing at home in Budapest. Next home was Breeja Larson for NY Breakers, Annie Lazor, for LA Current third. Says Alia:

“It was pretty good coming off the 200 (on Saturday). It came together. I think that was our best placing in the 100, so up and up.”

Men’s 100m freestyle

Olympic champion Kyle Chalmers made it two in two for the Roar with a dominant 45.77 victory aheads of Iron’s Vlad Morozov and LA Current’s 2012 Olympic champion Nathan Adrian. Says Kyle:

“We had a string day yesterday and it’s about building on that. Our sprint events are strong.”

ISL: Campbell McKeon

Emma McKeon and Cate Campbell heading for a snap

Women’s 100m Freestyle

What a start of the Roar: Cate Campbell and Emma McKeon on 51.02. Snap: a match for top points, but they get top and second-best points for a 16 total. Ranomi Kromowidjojo third home. Says Cate:

“Couldn’t have asked for a better start. It’s great to be back out racing. The atmosphere out there is electric.”


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