7 Simple, and Accessible, Quarantine Dryland Tips to Stay in Shape

Swimmer Strength: Dryland-Strength-Conditioning

Simple Coronavirus Dryland Tips

With practically the whole world on lockdown right now as part of the Coronavirus pandemic, swimmers everywhere have been shut out of their pools. Just because you’re out of the water, however, doesn’t mean you have to get out of shape. For all of those swimmers who are unable to practice and those unable to get in their lap swims, here are a few simple suggestions for staying fit during the quarantine period:


While swimmers are generally not known for being as adept on land, running is as simple as throwing on a pair of shoes and hitting the road. Running is a great way to keep your aerobic capacity maintained outside the pool. As long as the weather is nice, you can run anywhere. Running doubles as a chance to venture outside so you aren’t cooped up inside all day.


Another aerobic exercise, biking is less strenuous on the knee joints than running and can be a great aerobic substitute to swimming. Biking can also be done indoors on a stationary bike or outdoors on a real bike. An added benefit for younger swimmers is that biking is only possible through balance, so these athletes must hone that skill in order to be successful.

Bodyweight Exercises

For those of us who have gravitated toward gyms and strength-training equipment for improvements, outside the water may think they are out of luck. Except for those lucky enough to have their own weights, most swimmers have lost access to gyms, fitness centers, YMCAs, etc. due to closures. Fear not, for there was most likely a time during your age-group or high school days when you did drylands without any equipment. Do a circuit that can simulate the weight room without having to be there.


Just like the days in the pool when swimmers back off on the intensity and focus on skill development, yoga can provide an excellent break from strenuous activity. With emphasis on balance, body awareness, and flexibility, yoga is perhaps one of the quarantine routines that you should continue to do even after the pools open up.

Core Work

The endless combinations of situps, planks, v-ups, bicycles, etc. can keep your workouts seeming fresh and new. Developing your core now will give you an advantage over those who neglected those muscles once everyone is back in the pool . Core and abdominal work can give you that extra “snap” or “pop” that you’ve been missing in your underwater and it can greatly improve your body line.

Open Water Swimming

This is probably the hardest thing for people to do, as it requires having a body of water near your house that is also safe to swim in. If it is a river, ocean, or popular lake, you may wish a family member to ride alongside in a boat, kayak, or paddle board to make sure you are safe. Of course, this all depends on whether or not your local government is allowing these sorts of recreational activities in public areas. If this is not a viable option you, you are not alone.

While this is not an exhaustive list of exercises or activities that can be done to stay fit during the quarantine (I didn’t even mention backyard pools for those with access), it is a list of things which require little-to-no gym or pool equipment. While everyone is stuck at home, you can use this time to dial in on other aspects of your sport and body. Utilize this pause in action to make yourself stronger, more flexible, or mentally tougher. Above all, you need to keep in mind your safety and the safety of others during these confusing times.

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